Check out these 2 titles from Kagura Games!

We know how much you love a hot batch of fresh titles from Kagura Games – and we’re always happy to provide! Check out And the Hero Was Never Seen Again and Paradise Angel; newest additions to our catalog.
And the Hero Was Never Seen Again
Explore a variety of vibrant dungeons and battle enemies ranging from cute to nightmarish in this turn-based RPG. With several difficulty levels that can be changed on the fly, you have full control over the level of challenge you experience. Higher difficulties will net you special crafting materials that you'll need to make equipment to help you deal with the challenges of those modes. Once you finish the game, you can move on to New Game+ with your levels and stat bonuses intact!
Paradise Angel
Explore God's miniature garden in search of the Holy Grail. Be careful, though! The enemies in areas of interest are corrupted by overflowing Power, making them incredibly violent. Use Elu's miracles to protect yourself in this exploration-based RPG!
You can get both of these games with a -10% launch discount, until March 11th, 2 PM UTC – hurry up!