Join our Anniversary contest!

There is no Anniversary Party without a contest and a challenge! Imagine a double vinyl album with the music of Heroes of Might Magic III, released as a double 12-inch vinyl disc (180-gram LP) packed in a gatefold jacket with antistatic sleeves. Each side of the cover presents stunning artwork by Magdalena Katanska, printed in high quality with several embellished elements. Picturesque enough to join our contest?
We've teamed up with Gamemusic for this challenge! All you have to do is to recommend a coop game to play during our Anniversary Party.
The best answer will win a limited HoMM III original soundtrack vinyl, the Heroes Pack with 5 HoMM games, and the Game Changers Pack including Prey, No Man's Sky, Disco Elysium and Beautiful Desolation.
Submit your entries before October 8th, 3 PM UTC. Terms and conditions apply. You can check them in the first comment on the forum.