15 fun facts for our 15th Anniversary – see which Heroes 3 town we prefer and what we do for Halloween!

With our celebration of the 15th Anniversary in full swing, we thought that besides all the cool releases, discounts, an ongoing giveaway and more, we’d share some cool things about GOG with someone incredibly important to us – you.
And since it is our 15th birthday, we’ve gathered 15 fun facts about us. Hope you’ll enjoy the read!
And speaking of beginnings, did you know that before GOG, the founders of CD PROJEKT sold physical copies of games? That’s right, gotta get that experience going!
We also have some cool achievements when it comes to playing the games. Our Stream Team Coordinator, Piran Jade, is #10 in the world for Jill of the Jungle speedruns.
To stay on the topic of games for a little longer, did you know that you can use a famous Konami Code on GOG's main page for a surprise easter egg? Try it and tell us what it does!
Adding to that, one of the most famous FPS god-mode cheat codes is actually a valid GOG redeem code. Go to our redeem page and see if you can guess what it is!
And since Phantom Liberty is just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to mention that GOG’s biggest Cyberpunk 2077 fanatic (self-proclaimed, but we believe her) has over 1000 hours in the game. Anyone can beat that?
Something that we’re super happy to share is that to date, we’ve fulfilled more than 2.9MLN community wishlist votes. We’re ready to do our best to pump up those numbers even higher!
And since we love good old games, we’ve also checked how much older is the oldest game on GOG ( Akalabeth: World of Doom) when compared to our youngest employee. The answer to that is more than 20 years!
Now, as a company full of gaming enthusiasts we have plenty of quirks and preferences. Let’s explore them a little bit.
Let’s start with the fact that we have meeting rooms named after places from many classic games. That means we sometimes get called to meet at places like Erathia, Khorinis, or Tristram.
And that “gamification” can also be seen in other aspects in our company:
Horizon Zero Alcohol, Assassin's Spritz, Phantom Libre-ty, Divinity: Original Gin – those are some of the names we use for drinks during company’s parties.
Speaking of parties, Halloween ones are always something to remember. Lots of us dress up as game characters and otherwise, and we even hold contests for the best costume!
GOG is all about games, people, and… pets, it seems!
When it comes to the eternal question of dogs vs cats, it turns out our employees lean more towards feline pets. Around 47% of employees voted for cats, close to 41% chose dogs, and the rest deemed the question too difficult to answer!
But it is the dogs of GOG employees that visit the office regularly. 9 of them in fact, and they do their best to help us in work, as you can see on the picture.
We’ve also counted from how many countries did GOG employ people over our 15 years of activity. Answer to that is 33! All of them with one thing in common – love for video games.
Now, something that isn’t in common (and there are some really strong preferences about this topic) is that which Heroes of Might and Magic III town is the best one. But when we asked, the most frequent answer was Necropolis (followed closely by Castle). Surely they don’t abuse the necromancy skill, right?
Let’s end on some sweet note. We have a special place in the office for sweets for the Art Team to “appreciate them”. Want your request done quickly? Gotta bring some candy.
And there you have it, 15 fun facts about our company. We hope you enjoy reading through them as much as we’ve enjoyed gathering them. Now let’s go back to celebrating! After all, the 15th Anniversary happens only once in 15 years! We hope you have a wonderful weekend.