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What's cool about it:

  • 1 new playable character, The Shepherd, a Zuul.
  • 8 new monsters!
  • 5 new armors!
  • 19 new items!
  • 13 new recipes!
  • 13 new weapons!


As word of the ancient Bloodweaver facility travels to the stars in hushed whispers and shadowy conversations, Enoch The Shepherd, a holy warrior, must investigate.

As one of a small, unique, but growing group of Zuul, determined to leave their savage birthright and terrible reputation behind, Enoch isn't descending into The Pit out of curiosity, but out of obligation.

Whatever evil is still down there, it is on him to witness it, record it...

...and then purify it with fire.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, 2 GHz Processor or faster, 2 GB RAM, 3d graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c with 1 GB VRAM, DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card, 1 GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard. Patched to version 1.3.2

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Skimpy content, appropriate price

Posted on 2014-05-01 22:42:08 bymothwentbad's avatarmothwentbad:

More of the same. If you have SotS: the Pit Gold and are looking for an excuse to dust it off and play it again, here it is. This content literally needs no review - $2 for an extra class with one unique skill (it controls Zuul) and a few new items.
The new class isn't UP like the starving-to-death Striker, nor OP like the I-beat-the-game-on-Seriously?!? Seeker. It's fairlyread more middle-of-the-road, like a Scout with less skill points and more Psi skills (but no TK).
You'll get more or less what you paid for, and you'll support Kerberos. That is all.

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