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Generalelectric: Why would anyone want the steam version?
weemanply109: Contrary to the bias against Steam here, a lot of people like to have their games on Steam. DRM-free is great and all, but Steam is probably the only tolerable client/account-based DRM (and it's DRM is very lightweight). I wouldn't mind having a copy on both platforms, just for backup sakes. :)
This. I like and have games on both platforms, but I still feel the need to feel that I own a copy, especially when it concerns my favourite titles. Witcher 2 transferred to GoG but Witcher didn't. Odd. Had to go through the reclaim process to CDPR. Ouch!

Recap. Witcher transferred too after receiving new code. Top. Bought Witcher 3, because.
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First one worked! cheers!
Have anybody succeeded redeeming the The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut from steam as Witcher 1?

GOG gives me the "Invalid code" error when I enter the CD Key from Steam.

PS: Witcher 2 redeemed just fine, though.
Witcher 1 worked for me, but I used the steam code somewhere in 2012.
Then I read something about a deadline on september 2012, but it looks like, that the witcher 2 keys are still working after september 2012?
Thanks! Both worked for me. Now pre-ordered Witcher 3.
Ramesses_: Thanks! Both worked for me. Now pre-ordered Witcher 3.
On steam? I'm still undecided where I should buy Witcher 3.
It started all on Steam, but CD Projekt should get reward for they great support for the fans.
I don't know, maybe I will end up with buying on
I bought Witcher 2 through gog, and will get the 3rd through them as well.

Don't remember when I did it, but Witcher 1 transferred fine for me.
If the OP is still out there I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent how to post.
I use plan A and it worked great.
A) [this functionality may not have been provided by Steam for this game]
1. Go to your Steam Games Library
2. Click on The Witcher 2
3. Click on CD Key under LINKS to the right
4. Copy your cd-key from the popup window
5. Enter your cd-key here: