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Yes you are ALL right, Humble Bundle was nice in the past, now, because of people always asking for Steam Steam Steam, it almost provide only Steam keys, Steam games etc...

It starts by keys, then links, then... and GOG become an "useless website to get Steam keys" such as Humble Bundle in 2015.

We are lucky to have GOG, lucky to have a website like them, respecting players without to mention Steam. You are not the only one who NEED Steam (for stupid achevements by the way) and GOG must listen to the players. If guys keep speaking about Steam here, GOG won't live long as what it is today.

Once again, do not buy on GOG if you want Steam stuff and do not buy on Steam if you want DRM Free, that's very simple
Adrien2002: If you platform is Steam, buy your games on Steam and let GOG be fully DRM Free without to have to give Steam keys to users. Soon, GOG will have GOG Galaxy, do you think they want to see their gamers buy on GOG and go on Steam ?

Excuse me but if Steam was not SO BAD about DRM, GOG won't even exist so NO, it's everything BUT stupid and I repeat, GOG is not Humble Bundle, Desura or anything else, it won't give Steam key to their users because it is not the goal of GOG.

So please, once again, stop to cry for your Steam keys. If you love so much Steam, just buy on it. If you want DRM Free, buy on GOG. That's all
As few people stated above I am not "crying" for anything. As I said before I do not have anything against gog I just wanted to know if key can be redeemable on steam like it was possible with Witcher 1 and 2 and a simple no from you would have been sufficient.
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Personally i would have liked to have been able to redeem my copy of The Witcher 2 on Steam. Not just because GOG Galaxy didn't exist, but also because that's where all my friends are, it allows me to take screenshots and share those screenshots with friends and brag about achievements. Yes, all of this is coming/is already in GOG Galaxy, but it wasn't when i got TW2 which is when i would have appreciated the ability to redeem my game on Steam if i so desire.

TL:DR If you don't like Steam, you don't like it. Other people do, stop complaining.

Is it possible to activate the Steam Version of Witcher 3 in GOG?

I cant find the Key in my Steam Account to do so.
CptWinter: Is it possible to activate the Steam Version of Witcher 3 in GOG?
Never-mind... I figured it out, so my previous post was pointless, my apologies!

(Sorry to bump this thread as well.)
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thank you: option A did it for me.