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Panatheran: If this helps anyone: I just tried to import into QFG2 with some old exports. My export was named THIEF.SAV, had to rename to theif.sav (no capital letters) before it would let me import.
Thanks very much. I tried a couple of the other suggestions with no luck, but this worked for me. The.SAV was automatically created in all capitals and even though I copied it across to the QFG2 folder, it was not recognised. As soon as I changed the name to all lower case it was recongised and appeared in the import dialogue box.
I have tried all the suggestions and none of them have worked for me. They all appear in the directory but whenever I try to import my character it tells me it's not a QFG file. I have now played all the characters and none of them will import. Ridiculous! This was one of the reasons I purchased the game was to be able to import to the next game.
Shaics: They all appear in the directory but whenever I try to import my character it tells me it's not a QFG file.
Grab the file here and see if those characters can be imported. Shadows.sav should be importable in QfG5 only, GLORY3.SAV should be importable in QfG4 and QfG5, GLORY2.SAV importable in 3 onwards and GLORY1.sav should be importable in all games.

If those characters can't be imported either, then a bit more info will be needed, or even better, a copy of your characters.
And you are sure that you exported them and are not using a saved game, right?
I'm running Boxer on a Mac and when I get to the point where I can save my export, it says the file has been saved but then asks me whether I want to try to save/export the file again. When I look through all of the folders in the GOG>QFG Pack folder, none of them has the .sav file, nor can I find it by searching for glory1.sav, or any iteration of the save name.

Any ideas?
mollycolorado: Any ideas?
READ FIRST (MAC OS X): FAQ and solutions for known issues

Q: Where can I find my Boxer (DOS) game's save files?
To access your saved games, go to Applications -> Terminal
In Terminal, paste, or type in, the following line and press Enter (Return):
open ~/"Library/Application Support/Boxer/Gamebox States"
Find your game's folder. The package containing your save files is located inside.
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I just installed the Quest for Glory pack and finished a play through on the first game. After going through this forum and trying the various solutions to import my character for the next game I came up with nothing. I can't even find the save file the game is supposed to create when you use c:\glory1.sav. Not even a full computer search yields any results. I'm using Windows 7 and the game is run in DOSBox 0.74. Any ideas and help would be appreciated. It would be nice to be able to play through the series with the character I started it with as originally intended.

Edit: Never mind. I'm an idiot and missed a step in one of the solutions. Went back and was double checking the forum and found what I missed. Thanks anyway.
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