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xy2345: Ravenloft - Strahd's Possession
Nobake: Normally I don't like first-person games or D&D games - this game is an anomaly because I really enjoyed it anyway. I'm sure a good part of that is just because I love the Ravenloft setting, but its a good game aside from that.
I really like the idea of having two generic AD&D heroes thrown into the dark Ravenloft setting, trying to gain the upper hand against what at first seem to be insurmountable odds.
After flitting from one game to another, I've more or less settled in on Risen 2. I know it has a bad reputation among some Gothic fans, which doesn't mean much to me, since I've never played Gothic for any length of time. I did play Risen 1, although I don't have any very clear memories of it. There were factions, and I sided with someone against someone else, and then the end-game was kind of dull and didn't really reflect your choices so far? I'm still only a few hours into Risen 2, having just left the first island.

1. I find the combat dull, irritating, and frustrating.
2. You can pick fights with everyone and suffer no consequences; the people you randomly beat up will sulk for a day, then get over it. Cue beating up every random person I meet for glory. Also, one time when I really needed a bed but someone was inconsiderately sleeping in it, dragging that person our of bed, repeatedly stabbing him, and lying down for a good night's sleep while he lay on the floor nearby, groaning. He got over it.
3. Goddamn it, I'm going to be scrounging gold for hours before I can learn lock-picking.
4. I cannot hit jack squat with my damn pistol
5. Some of the dialog is fairly amusing

I'm also still idly playing Recettear in endless mode; at least I'd like to beat Griff and find out what's up with that tower.
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Hotline Miami,'s like playing the video game version of Drive, which is a good thing.
I'm playing Bloodrayne right now. It's a very silly game. I guess you could say it's the gaming equivalent of an exploitation movie - hot vampire chick slaughters Nazis in a story that's like a Z-grade Indiana Jones rip-off. The designers insisted on including cut-scenes even though the writing fails on just about every level, and the dialogue is even worse because it's performed by terrible actors.

But it's fun to chop up Nazis and occasionally use them as health packs. There are some monster enemies, too, but I find that battling them gets tedious. I just want to fight the cartoon Nazis all the way through.

Technically the game might not look like much nowadays, but I seem to recall that the physics on the flapping banners and curtains was a pretty neat touch in the game's original era.
Ragnarblackmane: Hotline Miami,'s like playing the video game version of Drive, which is a good thing.
Drive, the movie? If that is so I might have to look into it. I keep looking at it and think i'm not gonna like it (got it in a bundle).