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Well it's real hard for me to get off Talisman Digital ed. ... play the HELL out of that one, added reaper and frostmarch, (well worth it) and a few new characters as well.
Also playing NWN (for the first time) and just trying to get out of act I

Picked up 7 days to Die as well... played it quite a while one night, was horrible, and decided I/we would need better strategy and maybe a few pointers from guides how to do better... still haven't gotten back to it though
Decided to finally go back to Borderlands and play through the the DLC stuff. Little did I know that by coincidence the first add on was going to be Halloween themed. Neat!
Taking a break from long games.. I'm playing now and then The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook.
Trials Fusion + DLC's + Thief (the newest one).
CharlesGrey: By the time I get back to a game I haven't played in a few weeks or months, I usually forget how the controls and gameplay works. :P
It's the story for me. I always forget that first and I find myself running around talking to characters I don't remember and referring to events which I don't remember. O_0