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Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition(XBOX360)
Putting a good deal of time in to this one(again), I would play the pc version but well I run into some problems running under wine and well my xbox 360 version is a lot farther along. Really enjoying all the dlc this edition has though I keep running into a forever loading error when entering in freeside north for some reason which requires a reset of my xbox which is driving me crazy.. though I completed 95% of the missions in that area so it shouldn't be that big of a issue for too long.

Civilization 5 Complete Edition
After finally beating the vanilla game on normal difficulty I decided to buy the complete edition, still enjoying the game though getting used to all the new dlc at the moment.

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes(XBOX360)
Wow this has got to be the shortest "game" {demo} I've played in years.. I just got it "free" with my last month of live gold so I thought I'd check it out since it's been years since I've touch a MGS game(since mgs3). Didn't really like the openness of everything compared to the older mgs games and feels to much like a full on action game at times(if you choose to play like that).
System Shock Enhanced Edition

I've played SS back in the day, although I've never finished it. And I only wanted to "try" the EE. But somehow SHODAN grabbed me by the throat, dragged me into Citadel Station and won't let go... Guess I'll finally have to kill the crazy bitch.

I've found that I have trouble playing the beloved oldies - the aged visuals, often clunky controls and unforgiving gameplay have turned me off more lately than I liked or even expected. Not the case with System Shock. I can't wait to play on and often think about it while doing other stuff.
Trying to finish Albion. Read Only Memories keeps loading itself up, though.
After these two, maybe finally Wasteland 1&2.