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I'm restarting Secret of Monkey Island, which I played for a while and then stopped playing for no particular reason that I can remember. Maybe I got stuck? Anyway, I'm reliably told that it's "One of the Best Games Ever." What I personally remember of it, from my first play-through, was that it's "pretty funny, I guess,"* but I'll give it a fair chance to justify the hype.

*This summarizes my relationship with a lot of classic games, actually
Playing some Sacred 2 at the moment. Playing a Shadow Warrior, not sure if I like it or not yet. The class I mean, the game is great. Combat is a little slow and clunky, but despite that the Sacred franchise is my favorite for hack and slash after Diablo.

I played quite a bit of Temple Guardian and Seraphim a while back on an import copy I bought elsewhere, so I figured I should play something else now that I've got the game on GOG. I'd also particularly like to try Inquisitor, so that's my backup plan in case the Shadow Warrior doesn't work out.
Replaying the Longest Journey and then onto Dreamfall, in anticipation for the upcoming Dreamfall Chapters!
Also, I just recently finished reading the original Witcher novels, so I'll be diving right into the games soon!
I just played Pathologic for the first time. I do believe I'm going to enjoy this game.
Neverwinter Nights 2
Since I have a new graphics card, I got Dragon Age O/A with all the DLC. I'll be sucked into that for quite a while.
I completed Blade of Darkness (Severance) yesterday. Kept me going until the finish alright, but the lack of a proper story and the clunky movement of your character (although the fighting system is complex enough it works) were disappointing.
Spent the better part of my day playing my new copy of Caesar III thanks to a lovely gift from the generous Miss DDickinson. A lot of fun thus far, shows its age a bit but I can easily understand how the series followed by Pharoah&Cleopatra and Zeus&Poisedon became so popular.