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Finally gotten back to Wild Arms 2 on the PSN. At the moment, I'm enjoying it, although it's early in yet, so we'll see if it comes together. It has a few interesting new ideas that weren't in Wild Arms 1 (e.g. the perks system), but also nerfs the ARMS, and their reuse of Forces from the first game isn't encouraging. We'll see!

I really want to start Sam & Max Hit the Road, but given my limited time, I'm not sure I can juggle two games at once, and I don't want to abandon WA2.
Wrestling Revolution. My wrestler along with MDickie's version of Konnan are the new tag team champions of Maple Leaf Grappling, they won the title in their first match together. That match took place a week after forming a team with the MDickie version of Kerry Von Erich, who turned on my wrestler a few hours after the team formed because my wrestler accidentally bumped into him (once!) while running the ropes.

I'll make that a bit easier to understand (and illustrate why I love MDickie games).
Week One:
My wrestler and MDickie's version of Kerry Von Erich form a team. In their first match later that night MDickie's version of Kerry Von Erich turns on my wrestler (for accidentally bumping into him one single time).
Week two.
My wrestler and Mdickie's version of Konnan win the tag team titles.

I don't know why my wrestler is stuck in tag team (and midcard) hell, he's a multi-time world champion in every company, he's starred in several movies, is one of the ten most popular wrestlers in the world and was just recently ranked as the best overall wrestler in the world. Eh, I guess it makes sense in a universe where MDickie's version of Andre The Giant was the Lightweight Champion of a company, and where he dropped that title to MDickie's version of Earthquake before leaving.
Fahrenheit is on stand by for ages now, got tired of the quick-time events. I'm also 1/3 of the way in Legend of Grimrock, but the main focus now is finishing Unreal, I'm so close...
Went back to my heavily modded copy of Fallout: New Vegas and added yet more fun to it.

Biggest mods were A World Of Pain and New Vegas Bounties I & II.

When not in New Vegas I'm jumping to AVP Classic 2000 for some old school multiplayer fun or continuing the campaigns.
Tannath: Fahrenheit is on stand by for ages now, got tired of the quick-time events. I'm also 1/3 of the way in Legend of Grimrock, but the main focus now is finishing Unreal, I'm so close...
Ha, same here with Fahrenheit, I gave it a try a day or two ago and enjoyed it for the most part but was put off by the quick time events. I'll do a full playthrough of it eventually (it's supposed to be sorta short) but that time is not now.
Since I beat Aarklash Legacy, I tried Lord of the Realms but it crashed and froze my computer before I even figured out the interface. Not worth that much effort, so I moved on to LOTR2.

I'm enjoying LOTR2 much more than the than when I played the disc version when it came out. I'm better able to balance economy, military, and population happiness. Also I like that the battles in the GOG version work properly. Before the battles ran at light speed and were generally over before I could issue any commands.

I'm not really a TBS fan though, so I need to balance it with something else. That something is Baldur's Gate for the moment. I've always hated 99% of D&D games including BG, but I want to give it another try. So far I've set a new personal progress record by reaching a town.
AVGN the Game, soon to start it. :)
I only started playing Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri yesterday, and I can't stop. I picked it up during a sale (maybe during the Summer?), and for whatever reason it never clicked. Now, I'm doing the infamous "just one more turn."

I think I started playing because I can't quite afford Beyond Earth at the moment and wanted a good sci-fi 4X fix.