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Whoo hoo! Got my Blair Witch game trilogy in the mail today!

edit: that said, the controls are horribly outdated - but I haven't yet checked out the control options, so hopefully I can tweak something more intuitive.
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I've spent the last hour playing Dishonored. I'm really enjoying this game and I hope it stays as open as the early parts of the game are.
I have been enjoying Space Run quite a bit. Pretty game, doesn't feel a lot like TD. Like the reviewers all state, a pause would have been nice, but it's immensely playable on Easy. Normal coming up next; we'll see... :)
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Path of Exile on Beyond League

RIP'd due to disconnection :|
who stole me
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The Walking Dead season 1, and it's AWESOME!!
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Deadlight - Very nice! Complaints that it's buggy... I've only experienced the odd crash. But while playing everything works great. I like it!

Mr. Bree+ - I've gotten 50% through, and that may be as far as my platformer skills take me. Pretty good, though. Challenging like crazy.

The Bridge - Fun gimick, nice artwork.

140 - Not as hard as Mr. Bree+. But I still may be at my limit. First game I've seen to integrate sound and music closely to gameplay.

Kami - great puzzle game. Currently stuck on puzzle #36 or something. Pure logic puzzles with nice sound and color.

Antichamber - Aack! My brain! Fun, fun, fun, til your daddy takes your intuition away...

Deadspace, Civ V, Batman Arkham City - eh, what to say that hasn't been said?
March of the Eagles-Fun if a bit shallow compared to other Grand Strategy games like Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings series, but I love the period (1805-1820) and the chance to rewrite some important historical events.Second Russian Empire? Maybe so, or else a Napoleon will emerge triumphant, haven't quite decided as I just finished taking over the Netherlands in the tutorial.
Special thanks to Tarnicus for gifting me this because it was on my wishlist and on sale.

Complete Adventures of Van Helsing-Just started this earlier today and it seems like an easy way to lose a couple of hours if one isn't careful. The interface, skill trees and general level progression remind me a lot of Torchlight,in a good way.

Garry's Mod-My lack of FPS experience shows even in this crazy physics game. It will likely be fun once I figure out some of the more nuanced aspects of gameplay. Cheers to trentonlf for giving this game away to the GoG Gifts group and giving me the opportunity to win.

Awesomenauts-Not my usual style of game but it's been surprisingly fun thus far and I can see why so many people have poured so many hours into it, though I doubt that will be me...hopefully.
I'm mostly playing non-PC games that might not be of much interest to this forum, but after a day of GOG-related drama, I'm going to take the opportunity to ramble about actual games a little.

The 39 Steps, a visual novel based on the novel of the same title. Great so far; great writing*, great voice acting, great "directing" or whatever you call directing in video games, beautiful art. The sort of thing that some people insist is "not a game" because the player has basically no control over anything. For myself, nobody has to like this sort of thing, but I think gaming is always poorer for trying to define away genres of games that don't interest someone (e.g. TotalBiscuit's "fail state" nonsense).

*Of course, they might just be using the writing from the novel, which I have not read

Sword of Hope II, on the Gameboy. I played both I & II as a kid, but have no idea whether I ever beat either of them. I kind of think I haven't, so I've resolved to remove that terrible stain on my character. I recently beat SoH I on an emulator; not because I don't own the game (I do), but because SoH I didn't have a save system; it had passwords, sixteen-digit passwords made up of non-English symbols, and my god I didn't want to deal with that. So I used save states, but not in a cheaty-way. SoH I was an interesting game, an early RPG where you control a single character, horribly translated and horribly abusive, with nonsense puzzles, grossly unfair bosses, and random encounters that can utterly destroy you if you get slightly unlucky, and spells that randomly backfired and hit you instead of the enemy. But it did have a heck of an atmosphere, wandering around in a largely deserted world and listening to the trees--once human, now transformed--whisper their advise to you. It's also curious because, as absurdly hard as it is, it doesn't have any real fail states (see? I was going somewhere with that, not randomly picking fights with Youtube celebrities!) If you die, you're teleported back to the starting castle, keeping all of your gold, items, and experience, so the only punishment is having to trudge back to where you were--which, since you can always run from every random encounter, you can do effortlessly.

Anyway, Sword of Hope 2. the game I'm actually playing. It's OK, I guess. I probably wouldn't bother if I didn't have the "finally beat a game that I failed to beat as a kid" thing going on. It doesn't hate the player like the first game did, but it doesn't have a lot of personality, either. It does have a save system. I'm in the last dungeon, and will presumably finish it off tomorrow.

Finally, the deeply goofy Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed on my Vita. It takes place in Akiba Japan; the title is a pun on "Akiba strip," because, uh ... there are these vampires, right? The game doesn't call them that, but they are. And since vampires, of course, are vulnerable to sunlight, you fight them by tearing their clothes off and exposing them to the sun.

Stop looking at me like that. It's honestly not like that. There's no nudity (people get stripped to their underwear), and the game is too self-consciously goofy to be titillating. This is a game that absolutely oozes goofy personality. The side-characters are endearing, the localization is excellent, the plot knows it's ridiculous but also knows not to oversell the "wacky" angle, there are plenty of side-quests for me to obsessively complete, and multiple endings ... it comes so, so close to my recommending it on charm alone, but my god is the combat bad. A soft-lock mechanic that constantly prevents you from attacking the enemies you want to attack, a block that always seems to activate well after I pushed the button, and you constantly get pressed against the invisible wall that leads to the next area, and the game is telling you that "you cannot flee combat with your weapon drawn," and your asshole AI companion is saying that "dodging is half the battle" for the fiftieth time but you can't even see what's going on, what with the camera doing the thing's it's doing," and god, there's no variety, that isn't some sort of wacky hyperbole, the last boss and the first mook are fought exactly the same way, with only their attack power and hit-point pool setting them apart from one another. And combat is the primary game mechanic, virtually every main and side-mission end with you beating someone up, so if the combat sucks that's a problem. Why does this game have five stars on Amazon? I find this all extremely puzzling.

But I'm still breezing through it a second time, this time on the easiest setting (and with the upgraded equipment I ended my first game with, thank you New Game + mode) to see different endings and paths. I should have restarted on an easier mode the second I realized what an enormous bore combat was going to be, so I guess in a sense, I only have myself to blame, but at the same time, "If you set the game to an easier difficulty setting, you can sort of ignore some of the game's more horrible design decisions" isn't an amazing recommendation.

Sorry for this enormous wall of text. But I've spend the entire day being stressed and irritated over the stuff that's going on with GOG, and it was nice to just talk about the games I'm playing on a gaming forum for a little.
Geneforge 1, although I have an annoying issue with the stats screen (for which I made a post in the game forum).