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For some reason I just can't stick to Xenonauts... I keep playing a few hours just to end up playing something completely else. Well, sort of. I finally decided to play through a complete campaign of the XCOM reboot instead. Good times.

Then gave Invisible Inc. another quick run through on a higher difficulty setting. It's actually starting to get a bit tense now. Almost didn't make it out with one lone agent left on a mission as he was cut off by five patrolling guards until I ran into a chance opening barely making the escape as he was spotted entering the teleporter. I'm pretty sure I'll try a harder setting again in the not so distant future.

Back to Xenonauts for a few hours... until I end up playing my current run with Dead State. It has its quirks, but I'm finding the game quite enjoyable. At least I think I do. It's been a good long while since I had a seven-hour straight gaming session, while bumbling along. Looks like I finally have some kind of grip on how things are run. ;)

So yeah, obviously I really like turn-based tactical gameplay. So why can't I stick to Xenonauts? It's not like I dislike its gameplay or anything. *shrug*
Team Fortress 2.
Just started playing F.E.A.R Platinum I got in the GOG sales. Loving the gunplay so far.
Risen 2

Matewis: Brilliant film, but I don't agree with the snot nosed 'protagonist' hypocritical actions at all. I would also get righteously mad if somebody messed with my themed creations, like putting sea pirates on my spaceships :P
It's called a metaphor... :P
I recently started a new playthrough of Skyrim as I'm a bit between games.
Terraria and 40K Dawn of War.
Mass effect 3 for the first time. It's fun.
Ultima 7 running under Exult, Arx Fatalis running under Arx Liberatis and Morrowind running under OpenMW.

I've been on quite a FOSS enabled nostalgia trip this past week...
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Witcher 3 !! All the time!
I caved and installed Terraria again. I just found a gold bunny :D