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For some reason I just can't stick to Xenonauts... I keep playing a few hours just to end up playing something completely else. Well, sort of. I finally decided to play through a complete campaign of the XCOM reboot instead. Good times.

Then gave Invisible Inc. another quick run through on a higher difficulty setting. It's actually starting to get a bit tense now. Almost didn't make it out with one lone agent left on a mission as he was cut off by five patrolling guards until I ran into a chance opening barely making the escape as he was spotted entering the teleporter. I'm pretty sure I'll try a harder setting again in the not so distant future.

Back to Xenonauts for a few hours... until I end up playing my current run with Dead State. It has its quirks, but I'm finding the game quite enjoyable. At least I think I do. It's been a good long while since I had a seven-hour straight gaming session, while bumbling along. Looks like I finally have some kind of grip on how things are run. ;)

So yeah, obviously I really like turn-based tactical gameplay. So why can't I stick to Xenonauts? It's not like I dislike its gameplay or anything. *shrug*
Team Fortress 2.
Just started playing F.E.A.R Platinum I got in the GOG sales. Loving the gunplay so far.
Risen 2

Matewis: Brilliant film, but I don't agree with the snot nosed 'protagonist' hypocritical actions at all. I would also get righteously mad if somebody messed with my themed creations, like putting sea pirates on my spaceships :P
It's called a metaphor... :P
I recently started a new playthrough of Skyrim as I'm a bit between games.
Terraria and 40K Dawn of War.
Mass effect 3 for the first time. It's fun.
Ultima 7 running under Exult, Arx Fatalis running under Arx Liberatis and Morrowind running under OpenMW.

I've been on quite a FOSS enabled nostalgia trip this past week...
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Witcher 3 !! All the time!
I caved and installed Terraria again. I just found a gold bunny :D
Put Dead State on hold as the repetitive combat was starting to get to me a bit.

In the meantime I started and finished all of Anna's Quest. What a fine adventure game that is. :)
Currently playing (for the first time) and replaying :

-Witcher 3
-Fallout 2
Finally started playing Alien Isolation (after only having owned it since... February?). Loving it so far. CA did a marvelous job on extrapolating the now very low-fi sci-fi design from the original movie. The whole design, atmosphere, and all is pretty damn ace.

In some ways I wish I actually didn't have the motion tracker now. There are definitely times where I jump at my own shadow when I hear it beeping at me after stretches of relative silences. Not to mention that I come across the occasional really fast moving blip that obviously simulates the xenomorph zipping through the ducts and vents, which also makes me nervous because it could decide to pop out during those times.

I remember reading some not being all that happy with the fixed save locations, but to me they make perfect sense. Not being able to save anywhere surely increases the tension, and in a game like this that's a very good thing. Now if I just had a better tool to clobber those Working Joes. On the other hand, it's nice to know that brute force doesn't get me much of anywhere. Just for experimentation I decided to unload my limited revolver ammo into a synth's head, and surely enough it wasn't worth the resources. Better keep that for the murderous still alive crew members, while also hoping that the alien might pick them off after creating enough ruckus. ;)
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Ageod's Civil War II. Been playing as CSA against a beefed up aggressive Union AI. It was spring of '64 and the Union has Richmond and Petersburg under siege. My forces are outnumbered but holding their own. Then Burnside decided to take 60,000 men on a march around the left of the city to flank me. He caught Ewell's entrenched corps and my entire army was able to descend on him.

Two months after that insane battle they tried again and lost another 50k troops. So far during the spring campaign the Union has lost over 100k trying to take Richmond. It's been a slaughter. I think I might actually be able to pull of a CSA victory if they keep that up.
Darksiders! Until Witcher 3 gets all DLC and patch updates, i will be occupied with Death's adventures!

Then, a full scale Wincher 3 rave party in GOG Galaxi is due.