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Sing-along singing at the top of my voice Elton John - Can you feel the love tonight from the Lion King.
Is listening to Taylor Swift now as well.

Then I was bustin this really radical move to Michael Jackson - Beat it and I made up this new dance move called "You Make Kitty Scared" move. It's epic.
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HampsterStyle: Good Call! Time to visit Claire's Planet for a little Hero Worship! :P
chevkoch: I'm just now realizing how great a band the B-52's is.
IMO it is one of the greatest debut albums. :)

Barry_Woodward: TAYLOR SWIFT
Your throat runs deep and swiftly for Taylor. Rock on! :)


Diana Ross and Michael Jackson - The Wiz Soundtrack - Ease On Down the Road (1978)

Michael Jackson - Ben - Ben (1972)
Here it is live 1973 at Oscars

Michael Denton - Arma' Geden (1970)

The Doobie Brothers (with Michael McDonald) - Takin' It to the Streets - It Keeps You Runnin' (1976)
Also appears on Forrest Gump soundtrack

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson - The Wiz Soundtrack - A Brand New Day (1978)

Derived from post 3976 "Michael Jackson - Thriller - Beat it"

Omaze don't fail me now! You know I have got to be there. For the record, Willard thinks that I'm straight up getting too old for this shit. :P
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Younha - Houki Boshi