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Benny Benassi Satisfaction HD
Well, the music isn't really my taste, but...
Tracy Chapman - Mountains O'Things

One memory leads to another Metallica - Dyer's Eve
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Usually I'm also very much into EDM, J-Pop/Rock and Classical Music but after Wacken I kind of need my fix :D.

Just a small range of things so you know what I'm talking about. These bands I kind of listen to daily right now but things change over the weeks.

Rhapsody of Fire
Dream Theater
Uriah Heep
Deep Purple
The best shit ever
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I just realized that I forgot to get big into Black Moth Super Rainbow back in 07.

Fixed that.
Dray2k: *snip*
The best shit ever
Thank you for the introduction to this band. Great video clip and interesting sound! More listening required :)

Seeing Rhapsody (of Fire) on your list had be curious.
Joe Hisaishi is truly a mastermind! I listen to this almost every day, it's well worth your time!
Effervescent jazz with a twist xD

edit : here is a band having a go at it! drums are nowhere near but fair play to em indeed :D

here is a drummer who gets a bit closer
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I'm currently listening to SmoothMcGroove. His earlier vids were sometimes not so good, but he's really improved, and now it's beautiful.
Sorry if this is kind of music thread but I'm listening to /watch?v=zt4qRuv92Iw relaxing (headphones required)
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mittgang: Sorry if this is kind of music thread but I'm listening to /watch?v=zt4qRuv92Iw relaxing (headphones required)
Never played any zelda games but that was brilliant :)

Edit : just noticed no cans with a click track on his head too, very nice :)
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Beck - Mellow Gold - Beercan


Dennie Christian - Beer Barrel Polka
triock: Still not redeemed even after 13 hours? O.o Geez, lazy ninjas. :p

NR, but thank you Dischord for another awesome gift (I just hope that whoever grabs this will at least say thanks.)
It still isn't, but I've had them take months at times :-)

To salute the thread purpose, still listening to my boring pc fans, but will be checking links here, soon, to hear some good stuff!