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Moving Mountains - 8105
Disgaea 2: Cyber Dance
Sexualizer - EP by Perturbator
This, the new collaboration between Scott Walker and Sun O)). (the link is only to a teaser, tough)
Daft Punk = good stuff.
Roundtable Rival by Lindsey Stirling

Stirling is awesome in general, but I think that's also her best video clip up to date. Not song though, it's good but she has better ones.
Big Giant Circles - Legacy
Floydinizer: This starts out brilliantly. Those guitar breaks have that funk sound, which I've so often tried to emulate on my own guitar.
That tune has the perfect little splash of jangly psychedelia. :)

Floydinizer: Another band with a great guitar sound, which I'm sure you're aware of are The Meters. Actually the whole band sounds fantastic, but I can't get enough of that guitar.

Also, since you're on GOG, I'm sure you've played the game that's so very relevant to this kind of music, Interstate '76?
Love that Meters tune! They're awesome! I couldn't count how many hours I've dumped into that game - masterpiece! I was also very found of Arion Salazar's soundtrack work on that game. It's still one of favorites. :)

sunshinecorp: ......
That video kills! I had this to link off of your post but got sidetracked with work. :)


The Melody Makers - Everlasting Love
Cover of Robert Knight


Wilmer & the Dukes - Give Me One More Chance
Derived from the album Shatter Me containing the track "Roundtable Rival"
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