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IAmSinistar: Ach, he's the CEO of Atari! I guess I can still reach out to him, but it's a bit intimidating now. I'll see if I can draft something suitably terse and respectable so that I'm not hustled out the virtual door by burly bodyguards. ;)

EDIT: Connection request sent. Wish me luck!
*Crosses fingers, and toes and eyes* ;-D
HypersomniacLive: *Crosses fingers, and toes and eyes* ;-D
I got an email back from Fred Chesnais and he has put me in touch with someone at Atari to answer my questions. I've sent her a more detailed email outlining what it is we do. I also mentioned Bob Bates and his interest in buying back the rights to his titles, hope that doesn't spook her as a too-soon comment.

Will let you know what comes back, but at least Atari answered the first round of emails, even if it was to shuttle me to someone else. That's better than I've gotten at some places.
Nothing from my Atari contact yet, I emailed her again to see if she would be able to provide something. Since my previous email went to her right before a holiday weekend, it's very possible it just got lost in the chatter.
Alright, so after a bit of research in the small spare time I have, I have a few leads on who might own the rights to The Lost Dungeon of Souls. Considering Sierra was the publisher, and Activision now owns them, the rights are either at Activision, or at one of the Troika games co-founders. The latter seems more plausible since after a few reading I have found out those guys get emotionally attached to their projects and considered Fallout to be their own. So right now my next step is to contact one of, or more, Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, and Jason Anderson.