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"Planters Punch"... goddamn yummy stuff %-)
Kool-Aid powder mixed with vodka. Cheap and effective, although it kind of tastes like cough syrup.
HereForTheBeer: Just a Friday thing. A couple while we shoot the bull about whatever comes up.
I didn't get your meaning and my imagination did a association explosion. :P
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HereForTheBeer: Not quite sure how this became "a thing", but now it is. Every Friday afternoon we meet up at Mom's for a few. At first it was a Wisconsin classic, brandy and 7,
I like it! Not a bad way to spend time with the family. When I see "brandy and 7" I first think of a "7 and 7" which for me was always a Seagram's and 7 Up. I HATE gin but this was always a drink I really enjoyed. Very fresh and "spritzy" for lack of a better made up word. A sweeter version of a Gin Tonic, and a wonderful spring / summer treat. I haven't had one in ages. I'm a bit low brau, and brandy is my preferred slope side drink during the winter (aside from beer). No cognac for me, just a bit of brandy to warm the innards on the lift ;)

justanoldgamer: The first time I got majorly drunk was with screwdrivers, it took me years after that to be able to drink orange juice.
My first time was at university. Shots. I still remember the series that put me over - cheap tequila and a few drops of tabasco, I think I had two (this was after *ahem* a few other shots as well). The next morning was the most horrific and painful hangover I've ever had. Never even come close to that morning. I was supposed to go to a gun show (LOL! Things I never thought I'd do, nor ever have! Yes I was a Northerner at a Southern school ;) ). Never made it, spent the day in bed. I'm sure the toilet was thankful when I recovered two days later LOL!
Going hipster today. Honey wheat beer. Still good stuff, despite amateur drinkers' attempts at castrating it.

Just keeping this thread alive... in case the forum gets taken over by the 13-17 clique due to the Steam exodus.