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have some coke mixed with vodka and some angry orchard and I cant drink that much to night... I always seem to have large amounts of alcohol the day before I have to get up early...
I can't get drunk and I can't stay sober!
hellmonster67: I can't get drunk and I can't stay sober!
So you're always in between?
Hmmm drunk thread...

I'm reminded when i do some RPing on a site. I warn my partner i'm drunk, and while my eyes are crossed or closed i'll type a long complex multiparagraph reply, then do fixes... then i get a reply that i'm a very articulate drunk... Or i'm patient... But i hate being patient... Or maybe i can push away my drunk state to be completely sober for 30 seconds at a time...
hellmonster67: I can't get drunk and I can't stay sober!
HijacK: So you're always in between?
I have a Wife!
My pizza is going to take 45 minutes!!!!!
drinking angry orchard while writing ads on ebay for old video games... A day in the life of a college student turned picker.
Beer beer beer...

I had *one* beer and I'm kinda drunk now. I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing. Well, it definitely makes getting drunk a lot cheaper, that's good I guess...
I'm decently buzzed right now and would like to start playing something I haven't played before, what would you recommend in the GOG library? Fast reflexes is out but so are cerebral games (my usual favorite when sober), I'll add that my inner 12 years old would like to have fun so vulgarity and scantily-clad women are in.
No I'm not drunk! ;)

But seeing as we had a few health and fitness comments earlier I was hoping maybe we had a few calorie counters in here too? (I'm not but I need one now ;) )

I'm looking to shave a few beers out of my diet - about how many calories are in one beer? Assume I'm drinking 6 - 6.5% ABV beers, as my gut tells me that's where most of the calories are coming from. Also, because I'm not German, assuming I'm drinking 12oz per beer, and not out of a boot. ;)

And rereading this I laughed as "my gut tells me..." was totally unintentional when I wrote it! Can't bring myself to rewrite it as "I have a gut feeling" :)