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Motherflipping door access

Remember, this is a test of the Barefoot Essential thing. Do not mind and drink to forget.

EDIT: This test post seems also to be the 600th test post in this test thread.
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Wow. Fantestic thread.
Speaking of tests, I really dislike when a developer makes a demo for a game and then just stops supporting it after a while and stops distributing it. Case in point: The Memory of Eldurim. It's an Early Access game that looks to combine Dark Soul-ish style action with an open world similar to The Elder Scrolls games (specifically Skyrim). Sounds great, right? Right! BUT it's an Early Access game nonetheless made by an unknown developer. Just let that sink in for a moment. An unknown (I believe it's their first (FIRST!) game and they're taking on a project that is that ambitious.

Now I would love to support this project. It's ambitious, it's a major risk on the part of the developers, the game itself sounds awesome and I'm a complete sucker for open world games. However I'm not ready to part with $15 for a game that ambitious made by a small unknown developer without at least trying a demo. Now there is (was) a demo for the game but the developers don't distribute it anymore and it's the kind of demo where you basically get a client that downloads/installs the game from their website. In other words, the demo is gone. And that is why they're not getting my $15.