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Lillesort131: Are anyone else experiencing messed-up layouts such as the one I have attached a screenshot of?
Edit: Now it moved down to the next post.
real.geizterfahr: Reminds me of this.

edit: Ah, you've changed the "Posts per topic page" setting in your account. Then this IS a direct consequence of what I linked.

edit2: This is how page 35 looks when you set your posts per page to 20. It's an old test with broken tags for bold text.
Interesting. It isn't that chaotic for me, however.
Cyraxpt: Yeah, noticed that but it's just too funny that they censor the words in caps lock but not in lower case, makes no sense, it's like they're preventing those type of threads to call attention but not exactly their use on normal posts.
It's just how GOG tries to "fix" things ;)

Lillesort131: Interesting. It isn't that chaotic for me, however.
Small correction: It was a test with broken quote tags, not bold tags. But I remember that I did something with bold tags too... But what was it? oO
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robocop83: Ice cream
Maighstir: I SCREAM!
For eyes creme!
real.geizterfahr: So... This means we're still allowed to swear, but we're NOT ALLOWED TO fucking RAGE ANYMORE?!?!?!
Tee hee. Wow, that really does kind of put a damper on raging. Have you tried mixed case raging?