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Cyberevil: Saw and Gauntlet have both ended... Winners are...

SAW - blackdawnsteam (again!) Key is sent!

Gauntlet - SILPH friend Req sent! (gift)

Congrats both! Enjoy!
Thanks again!

And a little giveaway:
ciccia22: Crimzon Clover world Ignition Deluxe Edition
level 1 required, G ends in2 days.
Enjoy ;)
enigmaxg2: I will autocongratulate myself since you forgot to do it here in the thread.

Activated and marked as received, thank you!
Hahahaha I'm sorry my friend! I completely forgot about it!
Congrats and enjoy your new game ;)

And now, the winner of VVVVVVVVV is...
Congrats, grab your key :D
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Next up we have Mount and Blade: with fire and sword
level 1 required, GA ends in 2 days.
Good luck! :D
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Open for 1 day!
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I've been extremely lucky the past 4 days, winning 3 times and also winning "Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold" from adambiser!!!!
Thank you very much!

And since it has been some time since my last ga here is a new one: "Legions of Ashworld"
Level 2 required and open for 2 days.
Thank you for the giveaway Christoph89
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Only one entry and 21 hours to go~!

The odds are in your favor! XD