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dirtyharry50: I forget now but does anybody know if Grimoire is supposed to release in May again next year?
Hasn't its release date been "soon-ish" since the Reagan administration? I guess when that Star Wars funding dried up Cleve hit a wall. Shouldn't have spent all that money on his super-duper zombie apocalypse bunker.
Well, this could send Cleve over the edge. Seems Desura has TWO games released in the last three days with "Grimoire" in their title...

Detective Grimoire

Grimoire Manastorm

...granted, neither is an RPG, but they're still using the name "Grimoire."
Cleve delivers! (At least on the awe-inspiring-internet-argument-rebuttal-front)
almost 3 more weeks. any news ppl?
It's completely stupid, but everytime when I see the topic, I somehow hope that the game finally is released.
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Which is why im wondering if the game has finally just vaporwared or actually come out *shock*
Niggles: almost 3 more weeks. any news ppl?
I believe weeks are probably roughly equal to nanoseconds in neanderthal time. We're waiting on a developer here who claims to be a living fossil among other things.

I think those who wait in hope for Cleve to deliver a finished game are stuck on an infinity wheel of hell where operating system releases that break compatibility with the game will outpace it ever reaching release.