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SeduceMePlz: The Nuclear Blast newsletter introduced me to this Swedish band:


AVATARIUM - Moonhorse

heavy metal, doom metal, female vocals

Lovin' what I'm hearing, ordered the first album and the new EP. >:)
Great band...I was blown away when I first heard them on Youtube. Kind of a Doom Metal Black Sabbath meets folk music kind of thing. Not quite like anything I have ever heard.
Huh so Batman does like Metal despite that Fortunate Son Comic Book:
I'd like to give a quick mention to indie thrash/death metal project Vargskelethor, who writes metal songs about video games and comedic subjects in the same vein as Deathklok. Not the best, but for a one man band, he's not bad.

Skeleton Metal - Skeleton Whale
The Revnarok - I'll Kick Your Face Off
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JUst another reminder for any Pantera fans in the UK this week.

101% Pantera are touring to commemorate the death of Dimebag.

Free gig at Gibsons in york this Friday - and another (presumably) free gig on Saturday at the Inretpid Fox in London.

Sadly dont have the link for the Fox gig, but I think theres a poster file uploaded to the event I have linked.

I'll see thee at Gibsons if yer there!
Anybody in the mood for some symphonic folk metal?

Wilderun - The Coasts of High Barbaree

By the way, these guys are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help finish recording their second full length album. If you're into that, their Kickstarter page is here.
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Drawn Awake - THE NEW ERA

I am kinda hoping this guys get more known.
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Kalmah - Deadfall

the guys know how to play.