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awalterj: So far, I haven't found any conclusive scientifically proven link between long term RF/EMF exposure and cancer.
Some people are more sensitive to these things than others, e.g. I know people who get headaches when they sleep next to a WLAN router that isn't turned off at night whereas other people don't feel a thing even when they're highly exposed for a long time. Who knows, maybe nature will do its natural selection thing and over the generations slowly weed out all the people that can't withstand the exposure and we'll devolve into a species with super tiny fingers that can type on smartphone screens and anyone who can't do this will not be able to reproduce because the mating ritual will require copious texting. Anyway, one can reduce exposure in your own home (unless you live in an apartment building and the neighbors use WLAN 24/7). I usually don't carry a cell phone and I don't use WLAN at home but that has to do with other reasons than health, mostly the "can't be arsed" reason :)
They don't really fund research for that kind of thing because they'd rather not know the truth, or, if they do have inclinations towards things like that being harmful, they quickly bury such data so they can continue to produce material and sell it to the unsuspecting masses because making money is more important than people's health. There's a lot of horrible crap out there that there is no scientific data to prove it as so. They also tell us that the FDA is protecting us. HAHAHAA!