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German Black/Thrash Metal:

Ketzer - The Fire To Conquer The World
Ragnarblackmane: Well I haven't always lived here, I was trying to tunnel my way to a gold vein and ended up stuck out here! Damned water everywhere.

It seems our feelings are the same for the rest of Lumsk's output; I've not really been interested in hearing more after listening to a bit of Troll and finding it surprisingly confused and generic.
I read some interviews around the time of the release of the Hamsun-centric record, mostly because of the controversy, and was heartened to see them clearly state they weren't interested in his disreputable politics but were trying to do as most Nords do and appreciate the man's literary legacy. I actually discovered the band around that time, so maybe I should give that record a listen.

I really like Vintersorg and keep meaning to listen to Otyg. I have in fact listened to Storm being an unabashed fan of both Satryicon and Darkthrone (although mostly their earlier work, although F.O.A.D. is amusing) and liked it though apparently not well enough for repeat listening.

Below the text is a video from one of my favorite bands that have ever pounded through my eardrums.

They've been around for over 20 years, matured stylistically but never changed to copy a sound, and have influenced literally dozens of black, folk, and pagan metal bands. Saw them once in 2008, perhaps the greatest live show I've ever been fortunate enough to witness.

Part of it their appeal,besides amazing musicianship and magnificent songrcraft, is their lyrical content.They sing of ancient times, of a world that never existed save in the minds of poets and druids, and of history as well. AA Nemtheanga(sp) the singer has one of the greatest ranges in extreme music, let alone metal. They are criminally unknown, and yet their fans are legion.
No love for Primordial? Here are some more examples:

Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness (FULL ALBUM) (2005)

Primordial "All Empires Fall" DVD 1 - Dublin 2009 (OFFICIAL)
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Iron Reagan - Miserable Failure
Ludicra - Veils

It still hard to believe they've split up. :/
This blew my balls off and then caused me to spontaneously grow a new, larger pair:

Ensiferum - In My Sword I Trust

"melodic folk metal"

Also: Attached another fav found on StS.
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SeduceMePlz: This blew my balls off and then caused me to spontaneously grow a new, larger pair:

Ensiferum - In My Sword I Trust
Ensiferum seriously rocks, although I'd actually consider Unsung Heroes to be their weakest album by a significant margin.

For those who like Ensiferum then another band worth checking out is Wintersun; started by one of Ensiferum's members and quite similar in style.