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Sude: edit: committed
3834c1e Add option to skip fast platform detection
Thanks again Sude, download is working now.

$ lgogdownloader --directory ~/Games/ --platform 4 --no-deb --no-language-packs --download --game pillars_of_eternity --no-platform-detection
Getting game info 1 / 1
Downloading: Tarball archive
2% ▕▌ ▏ 136.72/6729.66MB @ 749.24kB/s ETA: 2h 30m 10s
Sude: I noticed this also. It is caused by the platform detection code that I use.
It tries to speed up the detection of supported platforms for games by looking for platform identifier in the game shelf HTML. This fails because for some reason the 'data-title' attribute for Pillars of Eternity doesn't have Linux in it (and it is also missing Mac).

I have written a patch that allows skipping the fast platform detection. I'll commit it as soon as I've cleaned it up.

edit: committed
3834c1e Add option to skip fast platform detection
Your responsiveness is amazing. :)

I installed from source originally using the Makefile in lgogdownloader-2.20.tar.gz source archive. I noticed it putting things like the manual around the system when I installed it, and I don't want any conflicts.

Do I need to remove the old installation before installing the new one? How?

Edit: I should have read the Makefile before posting.
Still not sure whether removing it was necessary, but I did the following:
sudo make uninstall
make clean_release
cd ..
git clone
cd lgogdownloader
make release
sudo make install

and yes, it is now working with the --no-platform-detection flag.

Thanks for sharing your good work Sude.
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