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hedwards: I'm having a bit of trouble with 2.16, I get the following error: Error: unrecognised option 'no-cover' . My script doesn't include that option, so, I'm guessing that must have something to do with the default setting.
You've probably used --save-config on previous version of the downloader which has saved "no-cover" value to config.cfg
Boost program options tries to use no-cover saved in the config which causes the error
Remove "no-cover" from ~/.config/lgogdownloader/config.cfg

sed -e '/no-cover/d' -i ~/.config/lgogdownloader/config.cfg
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You can use boost regex or pcre meanwhile and later switch to std::regex when compilers will catch up.
Hello All,

as always. here are the Packages for Debian 7 Wheezy (32bit and 64bit):


... or get it from the Repo:

deb wheezy main

Thanks to Sude for including this information on the first page!
mashppps: Hello All,
as always. here are the Packages for Debian 7 Wheezy (32bit and 64bit):
Do you plan to also make a repo for Debian testing? I'd argue that the majority of desktop Debian users don't use stable but use testing (and some even use Sid). I personally compile it from source anyway, but some users might find it useful. Also, it's probably worth submitting lgogdownloader to Debian proper if anyone has time to maintain it there.
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thanks for the update.


low priority, but I'm getting an error with 2.16 Makefile generating the man page:

help2man -N -i man/lgogdownloader.supplemental.groff -o man/lgogdownloader.1 bin/Release/lgogdownloader
help2man: can't get `--help' info from bin/Release/lgogdownloader
Try `--no-discard-stderr' if option outputs to stderr
make: *** [after_release] Error 2

it did work to add the switch suggested in the error message, but I'm not fully clear what is the result of this. The manpage seems to still work fine with this change. Note that I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit.

ifdef HELP2MAN
help2man --no-discard-stderr -N -i $(MAN_DIR)/lgogdownloader.supplemental.groff -o $(MAN_DIR)/$(MAN_PAGE) $(OUT_RELEASE)
gzip -f -9 $(MAN_DIR)/$(MAN_PAGE)
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