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mashppps: Sorry, I don't plan currently to do other repos (neither source nor other flavours like Jessie/Sid).

Best option IMHO would be to submit lgogdownloader to the "official" Debian-Repos and maintain it actively there.
I don't have currently the resources to do that, so that someone else has to do this.
thekittster: lgogdownloader is now in sid and jessie, and should end up in Ubuntu 15.04.
Thanks, great news!
LGOGDownloader 2.19
- Better handling of empty %platform% in Util::filepathReplaceReservedStrings
- Fixed setting filepath for language packs
* I forgot to set the filepath for language packs which caused some problems
- Added support for caching game details
* --update-cache creates and updates the cache.
* --use-cache enables loading game details from cache.
* --cache-valid specifies how long cached game details are considered valid
- Fixed login issue
* Regex in Downloader::HTTP_Login matched wrong auth url after GOG made some changes to website

sha256: 14b33806a54cd0bc3a5aabd1ac8c53f3973e6da2761eff0a36f48370dffd5888
md5: f386cd1e290913812a6fbd7acf2ec8bd