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Rubberduck: ping
wojciechfelczak: ping
Vagabond: ping
Can any of you first posters please just integrate

into your post, so that people can find it faster?

Atm it's the usual IRC experience: 33 people writing nothing for hours.
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I used the IRC channel on quakenet once to track down the admins of gogwiki to try to sort out account creation issues, and while I was there I won a few free Steam codes offered up in the channel. That was a few years ago but I haven't visited in a long time as it generally was rather idle overall.
XD They are giving me shit in there again.

Well, one of them is.
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Man, he is really going off on me right now.
tinyE: Man, he is really going off on me right now.
Feel free to say hi! And no, I have nothing against you, if you read again you'll see my issue is and always has been with GOG's attitude towards community management.

You're a pretty swell guy, otherwise.