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catpower1980: Current deal : COATED
I bought a recent Flying Bundle for Coated, which I redeemed on Desura.

It was unplayable. The keyboard controls were super clunky, and I was not able to jump (or double-jump) to the only platform required to pass the first level. It didn't seem to be a skill issue, rather that the game wasn't responding properly to keyboard input, and the jumps would be cut short.

I posted a query on Desura at the time. It's been over a month and I've heard nothing.

I assumed that it was a problem on my end, as the game seems to appear often in cycled adverts on lower-tier stores, but by and large, the review sections are empty. I've written it off. No big deal.

Hopefully, anyone else who buys it will have better luck.
grimwerk: snip
I didn't have any technical problems but still I cannot recommend the game. To keep it short:
- Controls are VERY clunky
- The game is ugly (I do like retro graphics but this game is just ugly)
- Some platforms are badly defined - you'll fall down even though you can see that you were half a centimeter from the edge
- Weird an not intuitive backtracking system (and you'll have to backtrack because sometimes you have to go back a few levels to use a specific bucket of paint)
- In later levels you can get stuck and the only option I found was to reinstall the game and start from the very beginning
The general idea is nice and some later levels have interesting puzzles but alas, the game is in a poor shape at this moment. Buy at your own risk
New deal on IGS is Into the Gloom, a horror puzzle game I've never heard of, comes with Desura, DRM-free and Greenlight :

BTA is another 2 games .
Licurg: New deal on IGS is Into the Gloom, a horror puzzle game

BTA is another 2 games .
Micy Roll and Plith are the BTA games. For me just now it was $1.80 for three games. I'm a sucker for Horror-ish style games and at least Plith seemed like it was worth a look. For under $2 It seemed like it was worth a shot.
You can find demos for both Into the Gloom and Plith on Desura:

I found Plith to be awkward to play and ugly. I didn't get very far before I dismissed it.

Into the Gloom is unnerving. The spooky music and sound effects set me on edge. If you're into creepy, certainly try the demo.

I should be clearer about Into the Gloom. It seems decent. The atmosphere is well done. It's interesting to see how something so visually simple can create such tension.
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Pilota is the new IGS deal :