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Niggles: Is there something special about this one?. Top 10 buyers all paid $10....
If you pay 10 dollars or more, you get the current deal, the last deal (1849) and the next deal (and all the bta content)
If you bought current sale (Cube and Star), Desura keys are up.

Also Footlol Steam keys available from your IGS Wallet
New IGS Deal

PWYW for Luna's Wandering Stars (Min 1 dollar for keys)

PC/Mac (Desura, Steam Greenlight)

BTA for Loving Life, A Non-fictional Artistic Visual Short Story
Came in a good moment! It is the only game I was looking at Indie Royale, and now at IGS with some extras. I´m just waiting the bta price drop a bit, damm that ones whose always start a new offer with 10 bucks (I´m pretty sure is someone from IGS)
I kinda dunno thats going on with IGS lately. Stuff is dont bother to answer questions, second time in row deal is TOTALLY intersect with running at same time IndieRoyale. Sure, some peoples is happy to just get game they want on IGS instead gettin bunch of unneeded stuff on Royale, but overall...