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I typically have low expectations for this type of game. Either the word length is limited to the point where to game is dull, or a tight timer spoils the fun. Or it's just flippin' easy.

But Letter Quest is pretty great so far. I can play long words (15 letters, assuming I can find them) and the timed levels are manageable. Also, the difficulty setting for the harder levels is satisfying.

Granted, there isn't much depth, but they've wrapped up the simple act of spelling words with enough nifty features that it sustains interest.
Accatone: Letter Quest is now featured on IGS for the next 4 days: Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey (DRM-FREE, WIN + MAC)

BTA bonus is game OST (MP3 + FLAC)
Thanks for the update, and thanks to grimwerk for the comments. I think I'll give this a go, sounds like fun and a good way to flex one's lexical talents.