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How religion subbornly survive in an anti religion country?

All the options is not what I will choose, give support to other platform, make it a national prorject for OS and distribute out cheap handphone with free software which almost no profit, for years. If Microcosm, follows then it will have no profit for years too or it have to ease up a portion of the market.

Since there are no option that remotely resembbling that I vote for dismiss
399: Dismiss

Taking one extreme or the other is not the solution
399:3 - Instead of bemoaning the unrealistic responses, why not just turn Gogan into a theocracy? ;)
399:2 -- not that I think it's a good choice, but I feel that "screw monopolies" would be the Gogan stance to take
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399: Dismiss
399: dismiss
399:2 - Too extreme in my opinion, but companies should start to fear Gogan consumer and privacy laws, unless they don't want to risk their inversion on the country by having it closed.
Woah, I missed out on a lot. (Who is Dr.Marcin? Or is their first name "Doctor"?)

I do like the fact that we live in a self-governing police-state, but we have per capita stalking now? We have armored-mail delivery? And 216 (exposed) cheeks per sq.mile (with a population of 3b) ranks us only 8,975th in the world?! (Maybe I should go back to Alpha Centauri...)

I also chuckle at Gnostic's comments. While the country might be anti-religion, giving them freedom to vote in a pure democracy ensures that people of all walks and opinions are somewhere voicing their state-permitted-not-state-endorsed opinions.

There is an old adage as old as Earth civilization itself. It can be seen in texts during Pax Romana or the Period of the Three Kingdoms. It is repeated in the phrase, "time makes the heart grow fonder."

In times united, people will drift apart. In times apart, people will unite together.


I say we don't like monopolies, so let's break apart this monopoly. Another will surely coalesce in some form, but that is human nature and Gogans of the future will deal with it thusly as well.
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pakopakojr: Woah, I missed out on a lot.
Just how long ago did you last participate?!
pakopakojr: Woah, I missed out on a lot.
Dzsono: Just how long ago did you last participate?!
About 31 days, give or take.
Unlike the rest of the world, in Gogan, politics is swift like lightning.
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That girl/guy (?) Kayla from Computer³ needs a fresher, better car.
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