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Desura Freedom Friday - August 15

Vindicator: Uprising

Retro Platform shooter -platform shoot-em up -nine single screen levels -retro pixel graphics -fast and responsive gameplay -specially written orchestral music for each level -an intriguing story where you fight your way through the whole hierarchy of Angels Story The player character is a special agent for an organization called “The Order” that rules the world in league with the “Angels”. The Angels are a mysterious ancient race, mercenaries which sought to conquer the earth and made a pact with the emerging organization. The player discovers the hidden truths that the Order uses for world domination. He then turns against his “Order” and leads earth’s resistance as a “Vindicator” with his arcane knowledge to oppose the Angels.


VANISH is a First Person Adventure/Survival Indie Horror game created by 3DrunkMen in the free version of Unity. Thrown into a Labyrinth for reasons unknown, you must roam through the darkness to find your escape. Do you have what it takes to get out alive? Or will you be another feast for the walls that seem to live? VANISH is a first person horror-adventure game that will make you question your own sanity.

Village Vengeance

Fred is dead. He was mysteriously murdered by one of his fellow villagers. He doesn't know who killed him or why, all he knows is that he wants revenge! Take control of Fred the ghost and assist him in his quest for vengeance. How many villagers can you take out before your soul is forced to move n from this world?

Shopping center manager

Build shops, hire or fire staff, earn money and be the greatest Shopping center manager!

A lot of V's this time around. :)
IAmSinistar: Desura Freedom Friday - August 15


A lot of V's this time around. :)
Cheers! :-)
Darkstone (Android, iOS) is free to play with ads (can be removed with an in-app purchase). It looks like the same game on GOG. This appears to have been free for awhile but I didn't see it posted.

Android link
iOS link
Like Clockwork

Like Clockwork' is a comedy RPG in which an unsuspecting sidekick must finish her Hero's quest after he dies in a freak accident with a police car.

The adventure begins in a traditional JRPG world, though your new companion Tam McGleish (an angry Scottish Detective Inspector) soon changes that.

Help guide the new Hero to the conclusion of her quest, whilst Tam attempts to fix the worst mistakes of the JRPG genre along the way.

Runtime: ~40mins.
Desura Freedom Friday - August 22


Play the tables or own the strip in this Vegas-themed MMORPG that merges role-playing, tycoon, city-building and casino games. This game is a persistent, open online virtual world that is all about casino, rpg, tycoon, sim, city-building, poker, slots, blackjack and so much more! It is free to play, so check it out today and start down your path as a casino empire mogul!

Tower Escape Madness !

You have been imprisoned and the only way to escape is crossing the dangerous rooms of the castle... in TWO MINUTES !!!. Do you have what it takes ?. The following chapters will be released soon, subscribe and don't miss them !

Cubus Puram

Cubus Puram is a puzzle game. The goal is to fill all the blocks in the level without being able to go back. Several mechanisms will complicate your progress, such as multiple blocks passages, doors and key, boosts, ice blocks ...

Star Hunter Wolf

An arcade style space shooter with six different game modes, if you get damaged you lose armor and fire power. go through the galaxy and rack up the highest score you can.
Since my reputation is too low, I can not post links. But I think you will figure it out.

In this mini adventure you have been turned into a werebunny and you must find a way to remove the curse.
Funny game.

Annie Android - Automated Affection
A nicemini adventure for Windows where you play as Annie, an android.

The Dead City (download)
The original
website is down.
A dark 1st person game about a man trying to find out who murdered his girlfriend.

Doom 2D
The classic Doom as a jump and run game.

Inner Worlds
A fantasy jump and run from 1996

Mental Repairs Inc
An adventure where you play a psychatrist for machines.

An unusual adventure where you have actions like Listen and Smell.

The Infinity String
A sci-fi horror adventure with good story. Highly recommended.

Temple of the Water God
This game is a puzzle-platformer that uses water physics and dynamics to solve simple challenges.

A free FPS by Adam Freeman
Desura Freedom Friday - August 29

Kingdom Sostis

Kingdom Sostis is a simple yet fun to play tower defense game. Collect as many stars as you can by completing missions, earn achievements, apply upgrades, defend your lands!

Guarda Castelos Upgrade

In this game, you play the role of the last human soldier left alive, an archer who needs to protect the castle from the orc invasion. Kill all the orcs the see the good ending in the "Normal Mode", or play the "Nightmare Mode" for an endless battle. Use your arrows, magic, skill and wise to protect the castle!

Last Sam Standing

Get Serious, Strike with Anger and don't forget to Shake it Baby!!!! This is a tough and crazy parody with crazy weapons, insane shooting mechanics, tons of heroes to team up with and thousands of enemies to blast.

The Wizard's Lair

The Wizard's Lair is a roguelike with roots in the Classics and Mystery Dungeon series of roguelikes - procedurally generated levels, many monsters and traps, powerful weapons and secrets to find on your quest to destroy the Wizard of Anarkhis!