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Do you mean this one?
Red Eclipse
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Decision 3
Despite the name the game is a zombie-survival-top-down-shooter. Besides shooting zombies and freeing town areas one can improve diverse facilities, equipment and skills.
gixgox: Do you mean this one?
Red Eclipse
Exactly that one, yes. Sorry I did not linked it in my comment.

It is one of the four games which use the opensource Cube engine (Cube 2 engine to be more accurate).
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It has been a bad month. Couple of bum deals, now you owe Fat Tony more than you can pay. And everyone pays their debts to Fat Tony, one way or another. They say you have 24 hours to come up with the dosh. Or else.

"Extrication" is a small point-and-click style adventure game, where you take the role of a small-time crook trying to escape a messed up situation.

Ouroboros: The Sacrifice

Ouroboros: The Sacrifice is a short-length (40-80 minute) first-person horror-themed adventure game. Includes professional voice-acting, hand-drawn backgrounds and characters, and an atmospheric soundtrack.