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Congratulations to both of you! May Monday be a very special day for you! Since some of the classics are already taken (Denver, Barney, Grimlock) and the most obvious characters from Dinosaur Train are also taken, I'm going with the picture of Mr Conductor, solely based on the fact that I like the voice used on it's dubbing (I'm usually not very fond of cartoon dubbings but this one I liked).

Her'es Mr. Conductor: "Time Tunnel!"
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Happy Birthday to you both!
Since I have both games, I won't enter =)
Not entering, but happy birthday to you both! Thanks and +1 :)
Happy Birthday to you and to your son, Andanzas.

I'm in for:
Baldur's Gate 2: Complete

I think I've found an appropriate dinosaur picture. ;-)
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Entering for Planescape. Happy birthday to your son!
Happy birthday to your son and to you too a lil bit early :P
Here is a pic I made for your son :)

In for either of the games but doesnt matter if i dont win :)
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Thanks and +1 for your generosity, Andanzas! Y Feliz Cumpleaños para ti y tu chiquitín! :)

Also, a little promotion in the Giveaways' Directory:

Count me in for Baldur's Gate 2. And, as for my pic, I hope your little kid likes this one.
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Happy birthday to you and your son sir! And thanks for the giveaway! I'm in for either game!
Good luck to all participants!
Happy Birthday to you and your son! :)

Not in, but thank you for the giveaway and +1!
Happy birthday Andanzas and son.

Count me in for Baldur's Gate 2. Thanks for the giveaway.

And here's a dinosaur.
I'm in :)

Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday to you and to your little son :) !

I'm in.
Happy birthday to you both!

I'm in for Baldur's Gate II, thanks!