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I've loved these games since I played them at the time of their original release. After a few normal playthroughs, I started using character mods like Falche to create different playing styles and quite honestly, speed up the game pace. Since then, I've slowly replaced my PC's with Macs for business purposes (I'm a video editor) and used my consoles for gaming. I was excited to hear about the Mac ports on GOG, and bought both Fallout 1 and 2 during the Interplay Weekend.

My problem is however, that I (logically) can't find any editors or trainers for OS X. I wanted to see if I could copy my save and mod it on my friend's PC. But I can't seem to find any save game files other than a save state file. Any ideas on where I can find the save file?

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Hi JohnnySG,

There really isn't that much support for the mac versions is there! Which is very unfortunate. However, I found out where the mac version of Fallout GOG keeps its save files. Unfortunately however, I have been unable to use a character editor on these files as when these files are replaced, fallout recognises them as corrupt files. :(

Here is how to find the save games and save character files on Fallout 1 GOG on Mac OSX 10.8.x

1. By default, the /user/Library folder is hidden. You will need to make it visible again.
Launch Terminal, and type in

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

This will permanently reveal the /[User]/Library folder. OSX hides this so you don't accidentally screw around and break something.

2. Now, navigate to this folder.

Macintosh HD/Users/[your user account]/Library/Application Support/Boxer/Gamebox States/com.gog.fallout

Now, when you open this folder, you will see a file called Current.boxerstate. Right click on this file, and select "Open Package Contents".

Voila! Here you will find everything you need. (See attached image).

Now. IF you figure out how to edit your save files or character save files with a fallout character editor, please share here!!!!

I found the .boxerstate file, but I never thought of opening the Package Contents. I feel like a moron now. I'll boot up the PC somewhere this week and tinker with it. If I find something, I'll post it here. Thanks for all your efforts up until now!

I made it work. I downloaded the Falche editor for Fallout 1 from No Mutants Allowed (I can't post links thanks to GOG). Mind you, the download button is small and located under the file specifics.

I copied the entire contents of the .boxerstate file to a USB stick formatted to FAT, and opened it from the stick on the PC by using Falche. Be sure to open the "FALLOUT" folder, and not specific save slots, or this won't work. After that I simply edited my stats and pressed "Apply".

I then copied ONLY the altered save folder from the USb stick, in my case "SLOT07", to the "SAVEGAME" folder in the .boxerstate file on my Mac. Fired up Fallout and enjoyed my maxed out character.

If you're having trouble formatting the disk to FAt on the Mac, use a windows PC. It may take the Mac a little while longer to read the FAT format, but it will pop up eventually. I do have special NTFS recognition softwre on my Mac, So i'm not sure if OS X recognizes FAT natively.

Good luck!
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Thats fantastic news mate! I'll give it a whirl. Cheers!