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JDspeeder1: Is there a way to increase the mouse sensitivity? The game isn't using my Windows settings and, because I'm disabled, I need a VERY sensitive mouse.
In the game's folder there is a file named fallout.cfg. Open that in a text editor. WordPad seems to work well and handles the formatting correctly.

Under Preferences you should see 'mouse_sensitivity=1.000000'
I don't know what values it expects but you can try tweaking that and see if it helps.
JDspeeder1: Unless I get help with this, the game is unplayable for me.
Sfall1 also has option to change mouse sensitivity beyond what fallout allows. Dunno how well that feature works as I don't remember needing it but you lose nothing by trying. It also adds mouse wheel and middle mouse button functionality.
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does the fixt mod come or work with the gun/ammo mod that makes damage dealt more realistic?
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Ok so since Atomic Gamer has some horrid wait times (3 mintues for a 1MB file... really?), I have taken the liberty to upload the files to MEGA, which has no wait times and is very fast.

Fallout- 1.2 Patch:!MdFCmbIY!31EgQ5nvcGQrqeU2bP9WLON3jkGpAymERDccGwaj6Cw

Fallout- Children Patch:!UFdVGZxD!wIbtx_32g9qNAY7zx9IWPgYzPDdo9eMgo4JlJOuig2I

Fallout- 1.3 Patch:!4U1lVTAb!qXqH8ZECxTNH7QUkDD-dY0wiWRSbjHKKP4FA-HQ64dM

Fallout - NPC Patch:!lYcGxKwS!waeHkUxaQOKnSU-VG1KXaNYw2GY1VTjUkuJcpvxPm1c

Fallout - High Res Patch:!BY8ASBxb!9xsiRIkfGoyeX2cdA0QP-cuoxFZah7AUzWFGNJwJW1M

Fallout - Fatal Damage:!hUc1WIrL!OV16pXpqU7HkOf_F2XOEyY6dkKS5beR35KpFtto1MzU

Fallout - FALCHE:!JBNQEZiL!xrl9DK51QNJvd14_EQtyE9yF_gNjX2w8XFSEr9RqWNk

I mean seriously Atomic Gamer? Wait Times? No Thanks!
Id personally recommend the OP links be updated with these. Nobody wants to wait 3 Minutes to download such small files. Not just that, Atomic Gamer was proven to contain malware by NexusMods.
Rysa: Hi this is the updated section of the Fallout 1 sticky !
You can find the older links/mods under this ;)


In this order!

1. TeamX Patch 1.2 - "The primary objective of this patch is to incorporate into the US version of the game, bug fixes available for later European releases only. This includes executables and several scripts."

2. Fallout Children Patch - "This handy little patch brings children back to the Fallout 1.2 UK version."

3. TeamX Patch 1.3.4 - "The primary objective of this patch is to fix bugs still present in the latest
official version of the game."

4. TeamX NPC Mod (f1npcmod) - Various NPC changes. "Ian, Katja and Tyho can gain up levels (1 per players 4), change armor and combat tactics. Dogmeat can be ordered to wait."

5. High Resolution patch - "Modifies "falloutw.exe" in memory to run at higher screen resolutions."

------------------- OLD STICKY -------------------

Here are some of tested and suggested mods for Fallout. If you have more that you'd like to share here is the exact place.
Note. It is better to test each mod with gog installer first before you add new one to this topic.

1. F1 Fatal Damage Mod
A mod that changes weapon damage and armor stats to more realistic.

2. Falche - Character Editor

3. Dialog fixes by nimrod
Some fixes in dialogs (grammar etc.)

4. Fallout Update Mod v1.2.5
This Fallout 1 mod includes 4 new quests and 27 new people.

5. Resolution Patch v2.1
Allows the game to run in higher resolution

6. End Game Mod
Adds a option to continue game after killing last boss.

For more tools, mods and patches visit eg.
I can''t seem to get this working on my mac, ive installed all the mods in the correct order through wineskin and yet I cant get a high res screen and it doesnt look like any of the updates installed either.
hi i downloaded the high resolution patch 4.1.8, whenever i enable the high resolution patch and put it on window mode i only get 640x480 resolutions.
Hi, whenever I scroll it affects menus and the third person view so I'm stuck at the top or bottom, any ideas? Using FIXT.
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I remember having Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics just sitting in my GOG wishlist for months. And then, when they were given away for free, right as I was about to buy them, I was ecstatic.
And I remember downloading Fallout, booting it up, and then leaving it, because it would hurt my eyes to try playing the game without widescreen support. So thank you OP, now I can look forward to my playthrough of the Fallout series, all with great mods, in chronological order!
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Hey, I'm a bit of a village idiot when it comes to modding and all. Is there a detailed how-to on getting the best available version of FO1 on Mac? My version is the new one just d/l'd from GoG.
tikyorules: hi i downloaded the high resolution patch 4.1.8, whenever i enable the high resolution patch and put it on window mode i only get 640x480 resolutions.
Did you enabled the TEAMX Hi-res Patch in the patch configuration tool?

If none wants to deal with Atomic Gamer's shit and want to download most of the mods and patches here at once, see this thread at No Mutants Allowed.
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