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Hey guys, can anyone guide me as to in what order should I follow installing these modes if there is any order?

Also should I only pick the mods from the latest list or the old list as well.

Could someone please mirror these? For some reason the counter to download on NMA never ends, it always says "please wait x seconds to download".


Eventually got them. Here's a mirror for them all.

(Link removed, see my next post)
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Eventually got them. Here's a mirror for them all.!F0RwlDyb!f7V5uod1SreYvClNfSFfrw
Thanks for the mirror! That download method is way too slow for just downloading a few files
I like to add what I think is the teamx home page here:
Here its posible to download the latest version of 1.2 and 1.35 eng patches, or at least the txt info is more recently changed that the ones in this post, I don't know if there are any significant changes other than that tough
Okay, I've reploaded them with the newer versions too and organised it better.

One thing I'm not sure about is that there seem to be two restoration patches, both linked to TeamX. Can anyone give me more information on this? Are they different stages of the same thing, two parallel projects with the same goal or what?!oZ1iiArY!9dfrsjZetxy8-WsjR9VSIw

There's also the mega-patch/mod called Fallout Fixt. Only just heard about it myself but it's been around for a while now.!ecxRlCoR!BPchkDgZwevsqr5lrKd2vjzerdIAgsAlh0TJHg3aq60
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