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SummersetBanjo: So given that Bethesda has re-released fallout 1 what mods are needed/still compatible with the new version?
More than likely most of them; the changes to their version is the mods made from the fan-community as far as I know, and they're either widely accepted and scripted for, or are superficial enough the mods will just override them without game breaking.

Or at least for the big mods (Killaps stuff like RP, Fixt, Megamod)
14 year old obscure ones, not-so-much.

scratchm: I modded my Gog Galaxy install of Fallout 1 with Fallout Fixt and it still launches no problems.

Is your Gog Galaxy library installed under C:\Program Files? You could be running into a problem with user account control (UAC); I hear it doesn't like it when installed games get modded, but it only pays attention to certain directories. My library is on another disk and folder entirely so that may be why mine works and yours doesn't.
CthuluIsSpy: How did you get galaxy to run fixt?
When I install fixt, it creates a new folder in the fallout directory, with its own exe.
You need to install outside of Program Files if it's a mod that swaps out the Executable, just download an installer and install to something like C:\Games\Fallout, and then patch that. Then mod it, and create a shortcut.

Mods that don't use a different binary (.exe) should work fine through GoG.
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