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Implement more flexible regular pricing

Added byDensetsu's avatarDensetsu

[ ▌= PARAGRAPH ] To generally improve the efficiency in terms of sales, I propose the implementation of a more flexible regular pricing. Impact is on price tag as a relatively long-term constant, not on temporary, brief price reductions at the time of discount(s). ▌ At this time, majority of the games on Good Old Games site is available either at 5,99 USD, or at 9,99 USD; exceptions with higher price tags are excluded. ▌ It would be a very valid point to claim that price-wise, invested assets, expected profits and actual value ratios are not as two-dimensional and therefore they do not reflect well in the current prices. ▌ If one wants to be competitive in a crowded market, it is crucial to acknowledge that unyielding, monotonous prices; as in this case; commonly diverge from customer expectations and that flexibility is a must because of the many variables that condition the success. To extent, ability to predict and intuition are just as relevant. ▌ In my opinion, ideal price range would be N,29; N,49; N,79 and N,99, where N can represent any value between 0 and - for the sake of being theoretically correct - infinite. ▌▌ I wanted to keep my proposition brief for good readability, however I am willing to expand it and offer actual examples if it would be necessary. ▌ I would thank to everybody who will take time and read this proposition, to everybody who will support it and to the site staff if they will consider it.

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I don't really see the advantage of completely free prices. It's not like you can estimate that one game is 10 cent more worth than the other game. However recently new price points, 4$ and 8$, were introduced, so a step towards more flexibility.

Feb. 20, 2013
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Feb. 2, 2013