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Add Haiku versions of games

Added byPoSSeSSeDCoW's avatarPoSSeSSeDCoW

If a game has a Haiku version and it is made and supported by the developer please allow the option to download the Haiku version if at all possible.

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According to any email GOG sent me diversity is not the reason they don't support Linux. They are afraid they cannot get the Manufacturer's of older games like Activision or Sierra etc... to create/support Linux versions of their titles.

Second, if GOG really wanted to test the Linux waters they could just do what steam does and release Ubuntu packages for it and just like Steam the community with take it from there, supporting OpenSuse and Arch.

Third, not to start a troll, but since when is Linux a "commercial operating system". Linux can run SOME proprietary hardware, but it is by no means a "commerical operating system".

Fourth, (again, not starting a troll butt...) I would think Haiku's marketshare would have to rise nor meet Linux's meager 1-3% before anybody takes it seriously enough to start making games for it, nevermind 3rd party retailers like GOG selling games for it.

May. 31, 2013
Comment burried. Unhide.

I am also a voter for the popular "Add Linux versions of games" site feature but I can understand why want to steer clear of linux because of its diverse and sometimes mismatched nature, however I think Haiku can fit very well into the ethos. With Haiku, we really could get the best of both worlds - a stable, unified platform on which games could be run and support offered with relative ease, with all the benefits that come with being a free and open source project. Obviously I can see that in it's current Alpha stage, Haiku does not offer much commercially, however that only means that as it grows and developes and eventually becomes complete (here's hoping they continue to recieve the funding they so desperately need!), could be the first on the scene selling their brilliant DRM-free games!

Oct. 25, 2012
Comment burried. Unhide.

As much as I sympathize with Haiku I'm not sure if there are any games on GOG that have Haiku versions. Maybe the dosbox or scummvm games?

Oct. 3, 2012
Comment burried. Unhide.

Haiku is the best OS as it's untainted by the corrupted grasp of commercial operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Jul. 11, 2012