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The Dark Eye: Blackguardscomplete

Added byRadonGOG's avatarRadonGOG

An upcoming round-based-rpg, developed by Daedalic (Deponia, Chains of Satinav) as their first 3D-graphics-game. It´s set in the world of DSA/TDE (like realms of Arkania and Chains of Satinav) and also using a skill-system based on the ruleset of this P&P-Game. Offical site:

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I got this answer from Daedalic support:

"Blackguards is scheduled to be released on GOG simultaneously with the worldwide Steam and the box release on 24th January 2014."

Wish granted. :)

Jan. 6, 2014
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The game looks terrific at first glance and I like the setting, so voted.

Apr. 25, 2013