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Cyber Empires

Added byuninvited's avataruninvited

I don't know if requesting it here is useless since it's apparently a free download.

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Nothing quite like destroying a full strength Forest base with 10 crossbolts and runnings around the edge, using the rear entrance and DESTROYING IT with a small Bot or a Mars
The memories

Mar. 28, 2014
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Yes this for sure needs to happen. I remember spending many hours playing the hotseat multiplayer with a friend way back in the day. Good times. Let's do it GOG! Also I don't think requesting here would be useless...I'd gladly pay for an updated version that would work on Win. 8.

Jul. 12, 2013
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I've still got a copy of this game and used to play it a lot! It had that strategic element of building robots and moving them into adjacent areas and then when your bots were in the same area as the enemy bots you'd fight it out in a real-time mini game, similar to DARK LEGIONS. It's a very cool game with decisions on what size of bots to build and how many. I played that game over and over again. Would love to see it on GOG!

Jun. 1, 2013