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Backyard Baseball

Added bybross92's avatarbross92

Old Humongous Entertainment game, it made my childhood

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This would be really cool. Humongous Entertainment games generally really don't like 64-bit versions of Windows.

Jun. 7, 2014
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I also do remember spending many hours of my childhood playing this game because it was so much fun! Would love to be able to play this game again.

Jul. 7, 2013
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This was such an amazing game! I liked it better before they went to all the MLB stars. The kids all had such great personalities. I loved Pablo, Achmed and Stephanie in this one (too bad she had such mediocre stats when baseball was her favorite sport). Nice season, sandlot and batting practice modes, this game gave me tons of playing time when I was a kid. Would love to see it brought back in its purest form. The new versions of it look horrendous.

Mar. 14, 2013