This Week on GOG: Your Weekly Message from GOG

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For the past six months we've been publishing our This Week on GOG shows. Yes, that's right--today marks our show's half-anniversary! We're glad that you enjoy our efforts (we know that from your comments) and we appreciate all your witty remarks, helpful suggestions, and continuous support. Whenever you subscribe to our YouTube channel, Mr. A, our Video Ninja, lets out a shriek of joy. Each time you share a TWoGOG episode with your friends via the social media, he dances a little victory dance. Not to mention The Enigmatic T, beaming up with pride every time you comment on his voice acting. Sometimes someone even mentions that the show is well written--that's when tears of joy fill old G-Doc's weary eyes (that's me--your humble writer). Producing This Week on GOG has been challenging, inspiring, and fun for the past 22 published episodes, the 8 never-published test episodes!), the current, 23rd episode, and we sure hope it will stay that way for many more episodes to come. Anyway, here's this week's this week.
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