Get Empire Earth: Gold Edition Free!

Our final holiday gift to you!
Happy holidays everyone! The holidays are all about giving, and while we’ve been giving away game codes to lucky individuals over the weekend, we haven’t given a game to everyone on yet, and we thought we should spread a little more holiday cheer. So, we’re giving anyone who comes to and adds Empire Earth: Gold Edition to their carts a free copy of the game. Be sure to come by and pick it up before 10.59 GMT on the 14th of December, though, to get it for free.
In case you aren’t familiar with Empire Earth, let’s give you the run down on it. Empire Earth: Gold Edition was the smash hit Real Time Strategy (RTS) game where you lead a civilization from the stone age into the space age and beyond, leading your people to victory while fighting a variety of rival civilizations. Gameplay is best described as a combination of the deliberation and planning of a turn-based civilization-building game with the action and adrenaline of classic RTS games. Empire Earth: Gold Edition also includes the expansion pack The Art of Conquest, and is widely recognised as a classic of the RTS genre. If you’re a fan of RTS games, or if you’d like to try one out, now is your best opportunity!
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Our best holiday wishes from the whole team to you!