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What's cool about it:

  • Ground Combat: Xenonauts delivers tense turn-based combat across realistic, varied and fully-destructible battlefields, against almost fifty different variants of enemy. Missions range from capturing crashed UFOs or alien bases to defending cities (or even Xenonaut facilities) against alien attack. You'll experience the chill of encountering a new alien for the first time and the joys of test-firing a new weapon for the first time. Deeply asymmetric combat keeps the battles interesting - after all, you're fighting intergalactic invaders with 1970's ballistic technology!
  • Persistent Soldiers: Soldiers in Xenonauts are persistent from mission to mission, improving their stats and gaining ranks with combat experience - but their deaths are always only a single bad move away. You will grow to care about the brave men and women under your command as they slowly grow from green rookies into hardened veterans, but that only makes it more painful when their heroic tale is cruelly cut short by a burst of plasma fire...
  • Research Tree: Xenonauts has an extensive research tree with almost a hundred projects to unlock, each with its own unique description and painted artwork. It slowly reveals the intentions and origins of the invaders, while also unlocking new battlefield equipment, aircraft and vehicles for you to use as you harness alien technology and turn it against them.


Xenonauts is a strategy game in which you control a multi-national military organisation defending a Cold War-era Earth from alien invasion, using small squads of persistent soldiers to eliminate the extraterrestrials and recover their technology in turn-based ground combat. A detailed strategic layer allows you to co-ordinate the defence of the planet, using your interceptors to shoot down UFOs and researching captured artefacts to learn about your foes and unlock new combat equipment to use on your missions.

Xenonauts is a spiritual successor to the classic X-Com strategy games from the 1990s. We aim to improve the graphics, add new content and streamline the interface whilst still retaining all of the key mechanics of the original games. Devoted fans should love this game, but we're also keen to introduce the joys of old-school grand strategy to a whole new generation of players who might not otherwise experience it!

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8,, 2.0 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), 3D graphics card with 512 MB RAM with DirectX 9.0c support, 3 GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.Compatibility notice: Xenonauts requires a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720. Patched to version 1.07

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Great for fans of the old X-COM and those who want more tactics than the new one gives

Posted on 2014-06-16 09:52:26 bycybrbeast's avatarcybrbeast:

I was a Kickstarter backer and the game has really come together nicely. It streamlines at lot of the hassles from the old X-COM while still remaining faithful and adding its own new features. The weapon and tactics variety is much appreciated, as is the difficulty and base building.
There is still some balancing and a few little bugs, but the updates are rolling in quick. Hadn't had this much fun in a tactical TBS since Silent Storm 2

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Almost exactly like UFO, both the good and bad!

Posted on 2014-06-16 13:01:10 byeobet's avatareobet:

If you are looking for the authentic, old school UFO: Enemy Unknown experience, this is a very accurate update of it, including the feeling of being somewhat outdated.
The weird thing is that while the game is almost exactly the same, there are quite a number of weird omissions in the interface, which actually makes this game more difficult to keep track of (no income graphs, forread more exmaple) and control (no next soldier buttons, for example). It also does a poor job of explaining some game mechanics (like manual air combat) and completely omits other aspects (like Ufopedia entries for base facilities).
Still, the graphics and sound in this version does a very good job of creating a very nice atmosphere, and the core tactical combat (some line of sight issues aside) is more strategic and more tense than the recent Firaxis version (as the original was).

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Must have for XCOM fans, strong recommendation for everybody else.

Posted on 2014-06-16 10:23:15 byHammerHead90's avatarHammerHead90:

Xenonauts is the X-COM game we were waiting for. It blends new ideas with the old formula very well, without compromising the very hard and unforgiving gameplay, in both strategic and tactical fields. Amount of different options to tackle every tactical problem is substantial. Want to level entire areas using nothing but explosives? Or using cover, smoke and suppressing fire moreread more your style? Whatever you choose, every option is viable and gives immense satisfaction from successfully applying it. However, despite the abundance of mods and different styles of play, I’m not sure if the game will last long. I completed a playthrough in the beta stages already, and the one I’m finishing at the release is no less fun tactically, but strategic gameplay already feels stale. Feel free to add one point if you're an XCOM fan!

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