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  • genre shooter / action / sci-fi
  • download size 26 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 44 user ratings.
  • release date September 22, 1994
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages English
  • developer / publisher Origin Systems / Electronic Arts
  • game modes single-player, multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • manual
  • playtester's guide

What's cool about it:

  • Includes the Proving Grounds add-on.
  • Never play the same game twice as you explore, fortify and mine hundreds of planets in randomly generated universes.
  • Choose from 3 levels at play - intense dogfight scenarios, strategic search and destroy battles, or extended campaigns to destroy an opposing homeworld.
  • Pit yourself against a friend, computer, or with a friend against the computer via Internet.
  • Live life on the edge as a topnotch Terran or Kilrathi pilot and fly up to 10 different ships!


The life of a seasoned starfighter pilot isn't all glory and adventure. After years of following orders and losing ships and friends, you are now the sole commander, responsible for heading up a momentous strike against your enemy's homeland - either the Empire of Kilrath or the heart of the Confederation.

This war requires real strategy, not just hotshot piloting, and you have to determine where to fight, how to fight, and what ships will get the job done. In Wing Commander Armada, you have the freedom to build your own universe, your own missions, and your own campaign.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Animated Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, 1GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.


All user reviews:

User reviews:

ok, not great

Posted on 2013-11-21 07:18:12 bywvpr's avatarwvpr:

Armada occupies a niche between the story-rich main series and Academy's stripped-down battle sandbox. Within the game, there's no story at all, just a simple strategy game in which you choose where to move your carrier and what to build on each planet you stop at. All of your choices serve a single purpose: producing enough of the right fighters to survive and defeat the enemyread more carrier.
The battles are repetitive and the computer is easy to beat in dogfights and the strategic map. I believe dogfights are limited to a couple ships on each side at a time. Everything feels small compared to the epic scale of most games in the franchise. You can play the strategy game against a human, but it's still a fairly bland and repetitive experience.
There are some positives. The ships are beautiful, curvier and more natural in low-res VGA than WC3 and 4's boxy high-res models. There's a fun gauntlet mode for both races, although I found it impossible to get past the 2/3 point of both due to mismatched enemy ships using an AI cheat that makes ace pilots very difficult to hit. And Armada is the only Wing Commander game released with multiplayer support.
For multiplayer space action, more recent games like Freespace are far superior. Armada is a functional game, but without the Wing Commander tie-in it would be forgettable. Get it if you're a completionist or desperate for official multiplayer Wing Commander action.

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Unique as a strategy game

Posted on 2013-11-21 09:08:11 byColBashar's avatarColBashar:

Armada taken purely as a strategy game is unique. Strip away the Wing Commander theme and the head to head space sim combat and you have a strategy game that's simple but potentially very interesting.
The scenarios take place on an unexplored star map interconnected by jump routes. You start with a carrier, which serves as both your only means of expansion as well as the game'sread more objective. To win, you have to kill your opponent's carrier and vice versa. Because your carrier is necessary for upgrading planets and useful as fighter support, you can't simply leave it protected deep in your territory.
Each turn you can give your units orders to move one jump route. As you scout the map you'll find planets that offer minerals to exploit and strategic choke points. What makes Armada interesting is that these minerals are finite, making turtling a very bad idea. You also have the option to strip-mine which doubles the resource output but quadruples the depletion cost to the planet, good for quick expansion but inefficient.
Resources must be transported manually to shipyards, which does involve micromanagement. Shipyards will then convert resources into fighters, which you can use for scouting and offense.
Armada is a good game of risk management unfortunately hampered by a mediocre AI. Also, I would switch on autocalc for combat since battles are capped to 2 fighters per side at a given time, allowing a skilled pilot to defeat overwhelming odds in piecemeal.

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Loved this game as a kid

Posted on 2013-11-21 06:24:49 bysh3rman's avatarsh3rman:

In this game you can fight for supremacy on with strategy as well as while dogfighting. You can move your carrier around the map (think endless space or Sins of a solar empire with planets being linked by strings), conquer worlds and add your own defenses and factories.
With your forces assembled you can go and hunt down the enemy flagship and bombard it with torpedoes to pushread more them from the system.
I had a great time playing this with my friends when I was younger, the split screen really helped so you could fight against your friends and elbow them if they blew up your ship.
Great fun and a definite rebuy for me!

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