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  • genre action / rpg / fantasy
  • download size 4.8 GB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 193 user ratings.
  • release date November 9, 2010
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • developer / publisher Reality Pump Studios / TopWare Interactive
  • game modes single-player, multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • 5 avatars
  • 12 artworks
  • 2 manuals
  • maps
  • 2 soundtracks
  • strategy guide (FR)
  • 2 strategy guides (DE)
  • 2 strategy guides (EN)
  • 3 wallpapers

What's cool about it:

  • Two Worlds II Epic Edition includes the original Two Worlds II, the Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion, and Two Worlds II: Castle Defense.
  • Master crafting to customize armor and weaponry, brew complex potions, and craft unique and powerful spells.
  • Forge alliances and help out those who are need. Be mindful of your decisions as they can bear consequences with a further reach than you may realize.


Aziraal, the god of fire, has fallen and the Dark Lord Gandohar is scheming as to how to disrupt the balance between the elements. Five long years have passed since the events of the first game and you, the hero, begin your adventure trapped in Gandohar’s prison. Now you must forge an alliance with your most hated enemy: the Orcs. You’ll have to put old enmities aside, reclaim your freedom. and save your sister in Two Worlds II.

In Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress, a band of fame-hungry pirates led by the legendary Captain Ed Teal, have become trapped in a cursed archipelago when their ship ran aground, where they will be damned to remain forever until aided by a hero with a strong back(that’s you) and a (somewhat) loyal disposition. Trust, after all, is no short sale in these cursed islands, especially not for a man tasked with finding the Treasure - an immaterial wealth said to manifest the beholder's wildest dreams.

The war has come home! While the bloody battle between Gandohar’s troops and the armies of the Orcs is raging in front of the gates of Oswaroth, the emperor waits in the depths of his palace on the outcome of the struggle for power. However, he does not know that an elite troop of Orcs, led by Rogdor, is making its way through secret paths into the fortress and is now close to the portals of the throne room.Two Worlds II: Castle Defense gives you the opportunity to slip into the role of the Emperor Gandohar and his henchman Sordahon! These villains from the "Two Worlds" universe are now playable for the first time ever in this strategy game, thus opening an entirely new perspective into the vast world of Antaloor. Using foresight and skill, you must defend abandoned ruins, dark forests, and winding catacombs against the onrushing Orcs. Ward off each attack with clever tactics and weaponry, defending Gandohar's throne in the Oswaroth fortress!

Multiplayer notice: In order to access the multiplayer portion of the game, you must first enter your unique cd-key. This CD key can be found in your account page.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence. PEGI Rating: 16+ with Gambling, Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Intel or AMD Multicore 2.4 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, graphics card with Shader 3.0 support and 512 MB RAM, soundcard with 5.1 support, 6 GB free HD-space, Mouse, Keyboard,

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Main game falls apart but Pirates expansion is fun

Posted on 2013-04-25 18:15:46 byshamann's avatarshamann:

The main game holds a lot of promise -- an interesting magic system, large map to explore, boats, horses -- but then doesn't make a lot of use of it. There's no reason to use a boat at all, horses disappear after act one, magic is an inefficient way to battle, the map is largely empty and becomes a corridor for much of the second half of the game, and the main storyline barely makesread more sense. I liked palying the game for the first two islands, mostly because the side quests can be engaging and much of the time I'd completely forget that there even was a main quest to worry about. But I felt like I suffered through the latter half of the game, especially as it all seems rushed on the last island. The game also has the worst final boss fight, wherein using a ballista is critical to winning, although no previous ballista use appeared in the game and all your earned skills become useless.
The best things I can say about the main game is that it pleasntly passes the time for a little while, and it suggests that Two Worlds 3 could be excellent if they hire a proper writer.
This Epic Edition gets a more generous score from me because of the inclusion of Pirates of the Flying Fortress. My experience with the expansion was that it's a bit buggy, but a lot of fun. The story is more interesting, the sailing, which is my favourite mechanic in the game, becomes essential, and the final stage of the main quest felt satisfying.

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A Crossover of Oblivion and Dungeon Lords

Posted on 2013-04-25 08:37:30 byRadonGOG's avatarRadonGOG:

Two Worlds II is better than it´s predecessor, but it´s not a really awesome game:
You´ve got tons of improvements in the department of Dialogs and Storyline, but even this can´t hide that the story is not really addictive.
It reminds me more of an perceedor of Dungeon Lords than of , but all things Dungeon Lords did fantastic (charactersystem, battlesystem,read more abnormal enemies, athmosphere in nature-parts) are not as good as in Dungeon Lord.
And it got also many elements of Oblivion/ Elder scrolls Series: But it only picked up the good elements and leaves bad things like leveling opponets, lame characters and annoying dialogs behind:
The World is really big and interesting and you´ve got very much equipment to pick up and can do the best crafting seen in an RPG!
Another strength of this game are the Quests: There is a giant bandwidth of different tasks and they are all enjoyable!
Pirates Of The Flying Fortress makes everything more awesome: Quests are just over-the-edge, enemies are great and this time the storyline is really good!
Together with it´s AddOn Two Worlds II really IS an Epic Edition: Espacially if you are able to get it for only 10 bucks in the first week!

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Strangely entertaining

Posted on 2013-04-25 20:19:26 byjoethulhu's avatarjoethulhu:

The first Two Worlds game is horrific. Absolutely dreadful. However, it's like an old sci-fi movie - it's so bad it's good (for the most part, at least). The sequel steps that up and makes is merely mediocre, while still retaining that strange entertainment that made the first so enjoyable. It's still pretty bad in a lot of ways, but those four stars aren't for technical reasonsread more - they're for the level of fun involved. The guy who reviewed this game and gave it one star because is was "disappointing" basically just lists all the reasons the first game was terrible, and yet says it was fun. Obviously this person was no expecting a true Two Worlds sequel, they were expecting a good game, and that's not exactly what you're going to find here. It's a game that's not for everyone, but if you can get into it, it's extremely enjoyable.

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