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  • genre Action / Real-time / Tactical
  • download size 27 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 1149 user ratings.
  • release date June 6, 1993
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and Mac OS X (10.6.8 or newer)
  • languages English
  • developer / publisher Bullfrog Productions / Electronic Arts
  • game modes Single-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • manual
  • 3 avatars

What's cool about it:

  • Includes Syndicate and the American Revolt expansion.
  • One of very few games to have made it onto almost every “Best Game of All Time” list.
  • Amazing level of immersion created by smooth gameplay, intense music, fantastic sound effects, and stylized cyberpunk visuals.
  • More than 50 missions that include extraction, extermination, and (forced) persuasion.


In the dark and twisted cities of tomorrow, corporate syndicates compete for global dominance. But the boardroom deals and corporate takeovers of the future look very different from today: they are lead by marketing directors who manage teams of half-men, half-machine cyborgs with no conscience and plenty of guns.

You are an ambitious marketing director in the Syndicate, hand-picked to lead a team of cyborg mercenaries. You work in the problem-solving department and you are damn good at "taking care" of problems. Some might say that violence is not the answer but you know better. There here are hardly any problems that you can't solve with a well-placed bullet. Collateral damage in the local population and infrastructure during the “negotiations” is, as always, acceptable. After all, what would you expect form the dystopian futuristic world run by mega-corporations?

Syndicate is Bullfrog’s masterpiece of a game in which you aren’t saving the world or protecting innocents. You just make sure that your employers get what they want. At your disposal are four cyborg agents, an impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets, and a massive selection of cybernetic upgrades. You are free to unleash this power on a highly interactive map where you can blow up buildings, steal cars, light trees on fire, or just shoot stuff. Produced by Peter Molyneux himself, Syndicate is the essence of cyberpunk and, with its great music, stylized visuals, and mind-blowing atmosphere, it has earned its place among the best games of all time. Make sure to check out the game that secured Bullfrog's place in game development hall of fame.

Installation on Windows Vista or 7: Syndicate should be installed by using the "Run as Administrator" option. For more information please follow this link.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), 2GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.
Minimum system requirements (Mac): OS X 10.6.8 or later. Processor: Intel Core Duo 2GHz+, Memory: 1GB of RAM, Graphics: 64MB of video memory, Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Secondary Button / Secondary Click enabled.


All user reviews:

User reviews:

The best of its kind but not without flaws (and why no expansion?)

Posted on 2012-01-19 13:13:57 bySelderij's avatarSelderij:

I first played Syndicate when I was 5, and I was totally fascinated by its world. A kid's imagination did a lot to add depth into everything Syndicate had to offer, but three years ago when I took the game for another playthough (which can incidentally be seen on YouTube titled Syndicate missions), the game's flaws were obvious.
The background story is still a good setup and Iread more like the style a lot. It's dark, but not in the black and gritty way that most cyberpunk worlds (e.g. Syndicate Wars) are portrayed.
The gameplay and its design have the most glaring flaws. The game world is an isometric cityscape, so navigation should have received extra care, but clicking anywhere that isn't solid walking space will make your agents run around like idiots. If you want your agents to move indoors or on the non-visible side of a building, you have to use the minimap or they will think you want them to climb on top of the building or scurry along its wall. Aiming behind an obstructing structure has the same problem, except that you can't aim with the minimap, so you're screwed there. The UI gets in the way too, e.g. when you want to set the hormone levels of your agents, you're liable to make the screen scroll.
At the end of the day, the missions aren't that interesting either. There are usually no alternative ways to accomplish them other than killing everyone in your way. Enemy agents always charge at you in a straight line when you're close to them or a time trigger sets them running, so you can't ever avoid them. The developers had the notion that Syndicate is a tactical game, so the lack of tactical necessities and options is disappointing. Even if the missions were harder (like in American Revolution) or had more complex mechanics, the clumsy squad UI would disallow any nimble real-time maneuvering. I was also disappointed in how pretty much every older weapon becomes obsolete when you research minigun, gauss gun and laser, the three god tier weapons, by which time most enemy agents have miniguns too. I would have welcomed a more balanced arsenal where most items would retain their use.
Although my review may sound harsh, I felt it necessary to balance the unconditional love Syndicate gets in the other nostalgia reviews. It's certainly not the most user-friendly action game today or even in 1993, but it's fun. The graphics are clear and timeless, much more so than its inferior sequel.
What I don't like about this release is that it doesn't have the American Revolution expansion. It's not like you can buy it from somewhere else, so EA could have included it.

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All-time PC classic

Posted on 2012-01-17 09:50:52 byjoffeloff's avatarjoffeloff:

The first CD-ROM game I played. This game was bundled with the first CD-ROM drive my dad purchased for our good ol' 486 beige box. Absolutely epic cyberpunk tactical action. The sprite graphics are pretty for what they are and surprisingly satisfactory for being from 1993. The sound is fantastic. The Uzi and minigun droning is disturbingly pleasing, and the music suspenseful. Asideread more from the dreaded escort missions, the gameplay is fun. Time between missions is spent buying equipment, upgrading cyborgs with new bits, and researching new technology. The spendingtime curve introduces a bit of thinking between missions. There's also the taxation rate of conquered territories that lets you attempt to find the balance between bleeding your subjects, and risking revolt. The biggest problem with this game is the crappy pathing, but you'll quickly get used to playing within the limitations of that. All in all 100% recommended. A can't-miss classic.

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One of my first PC games. Still classic.

Posted on 2012-01-17 12:47:21 bypersonaminor's avatarpersonaminor:

I remember buying this for my first PC, a 386 with an unbelievable 2Mb of RAM. It was a monster for its time, and this was one of the first games I bought for it.
The level of immersion here is fantastic. You "recruit" and outfit your cybernetically enhanced agents while researching new weaponry and implants for them to use on their missions. While in the field, if youread more need a car, you can kill anyone, destroy most anything, and even steal cars. The missions themselves are all challenging on some level, and the final missions took me several tries to conquer, but it was well worth it.
This is a really solid mix of strategy, action, and real-time strategy, made in a time when games very rarely crossed genres. This is a solid buy.

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