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  • genre Shooter / Action / Historical
  • download size 2.4 GB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 220 user ratings.
  • release date October 27, 2005
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and Mac OS X (10.6.8 or newer)
  • languages English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • developer / publisher MC2 / Rebellion
  • game modes single-player, multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • manual (18 pages)
  • in-game soundtrack
  • HD wallpaper

What's cool about it:

  • Realistic shooting mechanics that consider your heartbeat, your breathing, wind and gravity
  • Hide dead bodies, move stealthy and kill Soviet and Nazi soldiers from the perfect hiding spot
  • A wide variety of World War II weapons and interesting missions like assassinations, fire support, infiltration


The Second World War is coming to an end. The Russians and the Germans clash in a city devastated by the war. You incarnate the best sniper of the OSS (the old CIA), inserted among the Germans to see to the success of vital missions against the NKVD. Your goal: get your hands on materials related to German nuclear technology before the Russians.

The Cold War has begun.

Multiplayer notice: The game's multiplayer servers have been taken offline, however, multiplayer over LAN is still available.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Violence. PEGI Rating: 16+ with Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.
Minimum system requirements (Mac): OS X 10.6.8 or later. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz+ Memory: 1GB of RAM Graphics: 64MB of video memory Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Secondary Button / Secondary Click enabled.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

A great idea badly executed

Posted on 2010-04-16 18:42:48 byRed_Avatar's avatarRed_Avatar:

This is not a terrible game. It's not even a bad or mediocre game. It even slightly tilts towards "good" but the bitter knowledge of knowing it could have been so much better is really the biggest problem.
The premise is this: you're a sniper who has to complete objectives on an open map while taking out enemy units and avoid getting spotted. Sounds great, doesn'tread more it? In fact, I love sniping and this seemed like a game worth trying! There's even added realism like bullet drop across distances, heart rate, lung capacity, etc. which all influence your sniping capabilities. A great recipe for a great game! ... except Rebellion messed it up while cooking.
Let's start with the problems.
1. the areas are littered with impassable areas with invisible walls. Most buildings are for show and can't be entered which is ridiculous considering that's what snipers do.
2. you don't feel like a proper sniper. While the tutorial vid shows how much you need to sneak, in reality, you can mostly run around gunning them down with a machine gun without a problem. Most encounters are at mid-range anyway where machine guns just work quicker. Even when sniping, things felt wrong. You can reload without having to stop looking through your scope for example and reloading is very fast.
3. Scripted sequences. This is the One, the big flaw that make the two points above look like tiny inconveniences. It's just NOT right for enemies to spawn into place after certain triggers. You can run over an entire map and not encounter a single soldier, then talk to someone and suddenly the place is crawling with them again. It makes a mockery of your efforts to scout the map first. Not only that but several scripted sequences are designed in such a way that the game forces close encounters upon you which, for a game called "Sniper Elite" is ridiculous.
4. If you're not looking through the scope, you're in third person view which is a mistake. For starters, it allows you to look around corners without having to actually move around them. It takes away the tension of seeing if there's a sniper on a roof somewhere while risking getting shot. Why not make it a proper FPS game? The tension a game like this should create is absent because you feel distanced from your character.
5. The game lacks polish. There's so many small flaws left and right that make it feel like this was a console game. Actually, hold on *goes to look on Mobygames* Oh wait, it WAS a console game - that explains things! For starters, the options menu is terrible and bugged, the graphics are mediocre for a game of its age (do realise that Half Life 2 and Far Cry were both released many months before this game was) and worst of all, your character moves at times as if he was wading through jelly.
In the end, this is a game that could have been brilliant IF they had made it a FPS, if they had thrown out the ridiculous spawning, if they had polished the scripts, if they had made sniping feel more authentic, if if if if ... but they didn't and so this is a slight-better-than-mediocre game. If I had to give a percentage it would be 65%. In the end, it doesn't live up to its name and that's what will disappoint people the most.

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Nice idea, bad execution

Posted on 2010-04-15 21:35:29 byjuancho's avatarjuancho:

The premise of this game is glorious, being a sniper elite you attack several enemies, complete whatever mission you are tasked, and leave out undiscovered.
This is far from the reality, with enemies suddenly appearing around you just to complete a scripted event, or even enemies that can see you from nowhere, even when you did no noise and kept hidden all the time.
Discoveryread more reasons appear to be completely random, making this no fun to play, sometimes it doesn't matter how well you hide, they know you are there, some other time you can just stroll past the soldiers and they will ignore you (and yes, i am aware that some of them are supposed to act like that because you are also a disguised spy, but i am talking about targets ignoring you even when they are facing you at 10 meters range)
The controls seem awkward and hard to use, the sound effects are correct.
In short, don't buy this if you spect something akin Commandos or Thief with a different setting, this is more Quake than that.

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Okay game

Posted on 2011-12-23 03:46:31 byTantrix's avatarTantrix:

The strongest points in this game I think are both music and environment. You can really delve yourself in Berlin during the end of the war, the way they designed the ruins added with Berlin's architecture really makes it up.
Not so good however is the stealth system, which really builds its gameplay on. Like other reviewer said, it's pretty much randomized when enemies re-appearread more after you finished a cutscenes. AFTER HAVING KILLED THE WHOLE AREA!
So it's more like a shooter, but a pretty unfair one. You die really fast, and can't enjoy shooting down everyone.
Oh and ya, the voices suck. They sound nothing like German or Russian, even the grammar and choice of words sound ridiculous (added with wrong subtitles) they seemed just hire some Americans who could mimick their accents.
Anyway, the best part is clearly the sniper rifle. But like in Saboteur, it's never good to use it if you are in a stealth mission...

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