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What's cool about it:

  • A 2D action adventure game where you solve environmental puzzles under duress. Figure out how to use various tools, traps, and weapons in each level to clear all the Grays lurking about.
  • Nearly 100 hand-crafted levels with multiple difficulty levels ranging between casual and hardcore. Complete bonus objectives for higher scores and gold markers.
  • Included level editor: the same editor used to make the main adventure will let you make your own levels, cutscenes, or even entire adventures.
  • Local 2-player co-op: use two gamepads, one gamepad and keyboard, or share a keyboard with a friend!


Grays roam the land, largely in the absence of human interference. These aren't your typical Zed -- theirs is a very different sort of apocalypse. Animals spontaneously transform into twisted, violent beings. The earth decays, collapsing into a network of abysses. The wilderness thickens.

It has been nine years since That Day when it all started. Pockets of humanity still exist, but are ignorant of one another. Within these isolated havens people try to live as best they can -- for even in a world so broken and dark, daily life must go on.

Darrell and Mary Williams were able to build such a life inside a five-acre fenced yard out in the country. They were even secure enough in their isolated compound that they had a daughter five years after the zombie-like grays appeared.

Life carried on as normally as it could, until another refugee on the run is killed during a nearby attack. Her son is saved and taken in by the Williamses -- who do not realize that this kind action will destroy their home and threaten their entire family. They find themselves caught in the midst of a struggle between two eldritch horrors, and the path to survival is anything but clear.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, 2GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.
Minimum system requirements (Mac): OS X 10.6.8 or later. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz+ Memory: 1GB of RAM Graphics: 64MB of video memory Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Secondary Button / Secondary Click enabled Patched to version 1.5

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User reviews:


Posted on 2013-03-19 11:03:43 bybenexclaimed's avatarbenexclaimed:

I've only played for a couple of hours so far, but the gameplay essentially consists of navigating through an overworld and solving puzzles that you find by entering portals are going down certain pathways. The puzzles are environmental in nature, and the goals consist of things like simply finding an exit or killing all the grays in an area. You sometimes have to forfeit your gearread more to enter a puzzle area (though you get it back once you finish), so in cases like this you'll be forced to find the necessary gear within the environment before completing your objectives.
Replayability is added in that the puzzles have different tiers of completion: you may only have to complete one objective to clear the area, but if you want to get the best ranks in a given area you'll have to complete other objectives as well (completing an area without taking any damage, for instance).
I'll likely have more to share as I spend more time with the game.

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Varied logic puzzles

Posted on 2013-03-19 16:24:05 byFallingStar0280's avatarFallingStar0280:

I haven't beaten the game, but I've liked what I've played. The core of the game play revolves around puzzle solving maps, achieving certain goals and escaping while avoiding a variety of enemies. But the mechanics in the maps are pretty varied and deeper than I would have expected from the screenshots. There's a fair number of tools to alter the environment, pattern watching,read more lever pulling and rule bending that gives a bit of a zelda meets deus-ex feel.
The retro aesthetic and zombie themes could edge towards cliche for some, but in actual practice, the game seemed to make it feel interesting. Cut scenes were well voice acted, the music is good, and visuals are crisp enough to keep the puzzle elements the focus of the game.
I also believe its the developer's first go at a completely DRM free game (without even a license check). Which is great. In all, if you're looking for a puzzle solving game with a wide variety of mechanics, Shattered Haven is definitely worth a look.

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Arcen Games are always pretty unique

Posted on 2013-04-18 06:21:42 byOrpheusftw's avatarOrpheusftw:

I love Shattered Haven. Like other Arcen releases, it may not be for everyone (especially if you can't get past the graphics), but for me its a very satisfying experience to finally get through a level with all bonus objectives complete.
The level editor they included is pretty powerful too. If I'm not mistaken, one could basically create an entire new game from it.

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