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What's cool about it:

  • Fight off wave after wave of countless cannon fodder and save mankind
  • Addictive, fast-paced gameplay topped with cheesy, Duke Nukem-style one-liners
  • Good level design with items, bottlenecks and cover in just the right places


In the near future, during their first interstellar travels, humans encounter a great evil that has been roaming the galaxy for the last few eons. This evil being is an incarnation of the last ancient immortals called Notorious Mental. Mental has set forth to wipe out the Human Race, just for fun, as it has with all the other civilizations in galactic history.

But the enemy has underestimated Earth’s defenses, a secret weapon left by the Sirians, an ancient race which fought against Mental on Earth in ancient times. This device, called the Timelock, will enable Special Forces veteran Sam 'Serious' Stone to return to the time of ancient Egypt and assassinate Mental, saving Mankind from extinction.

In a world where cyberpunk meets fantasy and hi-tech devices are mixed with black magic and psychic powers, Sam travels from the beautiful world of ancient Egypt through many diverse planets, confronting hordes of Mental's hideous minions on his way to the final showdown at Notorious Mental's lair.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: MATURE with Violence. PEGI Rating: 16+ with Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.

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User reviews:

Seriously Surprised

Posted on 2010-08-03 13:11:53 byDrakeFox's avatarDrakeFox:

Okay I must admit to being surprised to see this game here, especially since I thought it would've shown up here long time before.
It really looks just like a simple shooter, and that's really what it is. Unlike Painkiller though this game tends to have wide open areas, which is a blessing because you'll definately need to maneuver to stay alive.
Many people applaud this gameread more for the Co-op which is great fun with a group. I know after playing Left 4 dead for half an hour with friends I was starting to suggest we all just dropped the game and played something more fun like Serious Sam.
But what people might have missed is the single player. Sure it's the same levels, but going alone makes the game a completely different beast, now you don't respawn if you die and just carry on, instead you go back to your last save. Hey there's no friends around to laugh at you as you get brutally murdered so why not. This turns the game into a surprisingly tactical game in the later stages as each enemy has weapons they're strong and weak against, so if you're faced with hordes of different enemies you'll also be utilising your entire arsenal. Once the game mixes up the enemies however you're required to think of the proper gun to use for the job, what would be most effective across the entire span of enemies rushing at you. I've had to replay a section several times only to try a different gun and breeze through the encounter, this is a thing which sadly never gets recognition.
Still at the core, it's a no brain shooter, react first, react and shoot some more, think later, usually if you end up having to load because you've once again been spread thin across the huge level.
Anyway I really love this game, so much that I went and bought the HD versions of both first and second encounter as they were released. They look nice, but unless you really care about the updated HD textures and models I'd go with this version because it is easier on the resources and I actually think some of the effects look nicer here where they seem to have cut some of the more awesome effects in the HD remake (I know I missed seeing the shadows being cast by skeletons in a foggy room in the HD version)
If you like FPS games. If you cry out for less realism, and if you have good reflexes and are quick to make tactical decisions, or you just want to play with friends and see who has the lowest deathcount, this is definately not a game to miss.

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A Mega-Classic at a mini-price

Posted on 2010-08-03 22:14:22 byBron's avatarBron:

First, this is one of those games you can just jump in and have fun with most anytime. These are the games I keep around for just relaxing and having fun - like Painkiller, Unreal, etc. The Serious Sam series is not to be missed. I won't repeat all the other reviews, I'm mainly posting just to respond to those who have said, hey, you can get the HD version for only $5.00 moreread more (or whatever).
First -- you can't get the HD versions DRM free and in your GOG library. A big plus in my book is to have all my classic games here on my GOG game-shelf and DRM-free. GOG is good to me, so I support GOG and buy here.
Second -- screw the HD versions -- these are the real deal -- the original classics in all their glory. And they'll probably run on any laptop you have handy, big gfx card or not.
So I say -- get 'em here and have a blast!

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Pretty rad game

Posted on 2010-08-03 09:33:30 bytombert256's avatartombert256:

I think the biggest selling point of the Serious Sam games is the engine they run on. The Serious Engine was remarkable for the time, and actually, still is. Instead of the relatively enclosed nature of some other games that came out at the time, Sam offered HUGE environments with dozens of relatively detailed enemies on the screen.
In fact, if you keep in mind the releaseread more date for this game, it really did have some pretty remarkable graphics, particularly in the gore area. Blood splatters everywhere are you kill hundreds upon hundreds or monsters. You also have some pretty cool lighting effects; pretty fancy for 2001.
The gameplay is standard, but not bad. You don't need to reload your weapons (a la Doom), and you work under the "if it moves, shoot it" mentality (a la quake). The game has around the same tone as Duke Nukem 3D.
Is this game worth it now? I don't know exactly. I like it, but the HD remakes, which have even better graphics and require only a slightly more powerful computer, are available on available on Steam for only 15 dollars, which I think I'd recommend over this version.
That being said, Serious Sam is not a bad game at all, and it would make a great addition to your collection.

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