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  • genre strategy / simulation / fantasy
  • download size 374 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 194 user ratings.
  • release date May 16, 2013
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian-Portuguese
  • developer / publisher Abbey Games / Abbey Games
  • game modes single-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • 2 wallpapers
  • 4 avatars
  • 6 artworks
  • soundtrack sample (2 tracks)

What's cool about it:

  • Control four mighty giants, each with their unique abilities.
  • A complex system of upgrades and synergies allows for endless styles of play.
  • Observe humanity, let your giants praise or punish them.
  • Enjoy an interesting art style and a strong soundtrack.


In Reus, you control powerful giants that help you shape the planet to your will. You can create mountains and oceans, forests and more. Enrich your planet with plants, minerals and animal life. There is only one thing on the planet that you do not control: mankind, with all their virtues and and all their vices. You can shape their world, but not their will. Provide for them and they may thrive. Give them too much and their greed may get the upper hand.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom processor (Intel® Core i5 or AMD Phenom II recommended), 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended), DirectX10 compatible video card with 512 MB of memory(Nvidia GeForce 8XXX series, Radeon HD 2XXX series, Intel HD 3000 or higher with 1 GB recommended), 500 MB HDD, mouse, keyboard. Patched to version

All user reviews:

User reviews:

This is not the god game you are looking for

Posted on 2013-05-16 14:27:50 byjohnki's avatarjohnki:

Reus feels more like a puzzle game than anything. You manipulate a world of tiles. Each tile can be changed into a different type of tile to get a different effect. Placing different tiles together gives extra effects. Unless you will it or a town gets destroyed by a rival town, the tiles really don't change.
And ultimately, you are placing these tiles in a way that gives a cityread more enough resources to complete its current project which is thrown at you by the townspeople. You don't know when or why but they are going to throw a project at you and, given that it's the only structured thing to do in the game other than attempt to gain all achievements, you're probably going to want to complete it.
Every now and then, towns will go to war and one might be destroyed but other than that, the only variable you really don't have control over is the projects. You get to decide what each tile is essentially every step of the way. You can pretty much wipe the slate clean whenever you want.
And the slate always starts out the same, too. 30, 60 and 120 minute timed modes and an unlimited time mode that restricts access to certain features. Every one of them starts out with the same barren wasteland of the exact same size.
Ultimately, that contributes to it feels more like a puzzle game. It's an alright game for what it does but if you're looking for the next Black and White or the next Populous, this is not it.

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Truly unique god-game

Posted on 2013-05-16 21:42:40 byHeartwork79's avatarHeartwork79:

You start small. Very small. With only few options to create something. A 3-stage tutorial tells you everything you gotta know, but believe me: Reus is easy to learn, but hard to master. You terraform the planet, create animals, plants and minerals on the patches of land into which the planet is divided. This attracts settlers. They build villages and special buildings. Every specialread more building needs other things, so you use your 4 giants and their abilities to fulfill these requirements and the villages reward you with ambassadors. These ambassadors unlock new abilities for your giants. And are either totally addicted to this puzzler/godgame like me or not. You have to play game after game after game, each one gives you new developments to unlock and improves your possibilities to form the planet. So: if you are looking for a truly exotic mix of puzzler/godgame with nice graphics and a gameplay that I'm pretty sure is totally unique, buy this game and have a lot of fun with it. If not, you are missing a true indie gem.

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Not a god game per se

Posted on 2013-05-16 19:17:51 byWhancox's avatarWhancox:

But a wonderful puzzle game really. It's all about combining tiles with "spells" and combinations to get the resources your towns want. Very engrossing. Very entertaining. Hours of fun to be had. Perfect on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea.

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