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What's cool about it:

  • A built-in 'Conversation Engine' for multiple endings and replayability.
  • Featuring a thriller 'film noir' storyline, sets the mood perfectly: dimly lit environments, magic and the occult, visual and tactile hints and nuances, ritualistic murder investigation, immersive ambient sounds and music.
  • 20 different characters each with individual personalities, all involved with the investigation.


Paris, 1920’s. A horrible murder has taken place in a ritzy hotel. There’s nothing worse than retiring from the dirty detective business only to be pulled back in by a silently screaming pair of corpses. Name’s MacPherson, Gus to my friends. I didn’t want to take on this job but the dame was loaded, and I’m not talking cash. Women, the one weakness of a lonely gumshoe, they bat their eyelashes and he’s like putty in their hands. Turns out the stiffs were her sister and brother-in-law. As is usual for the fuzz, they acted like rampaging bulls in a china shop, made a mess of the whole case and that leaves me as life’s own janitor. Sigh, guess I better get cracking before the stiffs get too cold.

Welcome to Post Mortem, a moody, blood-drenched first-person detective thriller set in 1920’s Paris, France. Step into the shoes of Gus MacPherson, a former detective who wanted to retire to a quiet life of painting, as he takes on a grisly double murder mystery. You’ll meet plenty of unique characters on your way to solving the mystery, but beware, not all of them can be trusted and some can lead you down a dangerous path if you’re not careful. Can you crack the case before it kills you?

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Mature Sexual Themes, Violence. PEGI Rating: 16+ with Bad Language, Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

A problematic prelude

Posted on 2012-09-25 06:53:35 byrob.liefeld's avatarrob.liefeld:

As the panel on the right suggests, this game is a part of the Still Life series. The very first part, in fact.
This time, you play P.I. and amateur artist Gustav Mcpherson, (granddaddy of Victoria from later installments), and you're after a vicious murderer in gloomy old 1920 - somnething Paris.
The good part - Very strong mood, the setting looks very modern and monumental,read more also mysterious and dark. The graphics on the background are atmospheric and well done. The lentgh of the game (at least for me) is ideal for an adventure. The story itself starts out really well. The clues you collect slowly unfolds the reasons behind the guesome crime...
The bad part - ...and in some weird twists, it just shoots itself off from the ground of reality, which takes away from the enjoyment. But the real problems are with the game mechanics. All things that SHOULD NOT be present in a point'n'click adventure game are in here. Pixelhunting, some timed events, endless dialogue trees, too easy and way too obscure puzzles, which makes the difficulty curve look like a rollercoaster.
Final thoughts - definitely not a bad game, I think for the atmosphere alone it worths playing it though once, but just in case, keep a walkthough near. Without it, the game might provide more frustration than satisfaction.

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A good way to start the trilogy

Posted on 2012-09-28 22:00:24 byaraisikewai's avatararaisikewai:

Most people doesn't know of Post Mortem but they have tried or know Still Life.
For those of you who did try Still Life, and wanted to know how good Post Mortem is, let me sum it up as short as possible:
It's much moodier than the first Still Life (if that's even possible) but not necessarily a bad thing. And it's way... way... much better than Still Life 2 (that abomination shouldn'tread more even existed).
Gameplay wise, unlike Still Life, this is a first person adventure. So that you'd only see Gus during cinematic sequence.
And one last thing (mild spoiler): There's a face sketching puzzle that most likely will force you to find a walkthrough. Other than that, most of the other puzzles are quite logical. And IIRC, there are multiple ways to solve through a puzzle/entering a room, which is a good thing and rare to see in a point-and-click adventure game.

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Somehow flawed but with a beating heart.

Posted on 2012-09-25 06:26:53 byrulls1's avatarrulls1:

This game present itself as an atmospheric murdermystery with old school gameplay with puzzles and gathering clues. Its exactly what it is and its actually pretty decent at its best.
Flaws: The story turns from decent and interesting too stupid and annoying after midway through the game.
The puzzles are way too easy and dont get any harder troughout the game (except a for a few)read more .
Voice acting tend to vary from extremely bad to half-decent.
Good: The atmosphere is pretty good, probably because of the sound design and often interesting settings.
Overall: Somehow flawed game but with a beating heart.

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