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What's cool about it:

  • Move through crowds unseen cloaked in stealth, travel stories above the peasant herds on which you feed leaping from rooftop to rooftop, and use mind-control on hapless fools to help you overcome vampire-proof inventions.
  • Unleash your wrath in a lushly detailed, blood-chilling gothic environment that is not only gorgeous to the eye, but also alive with the soon to be dead.
  • Beautifully choreographed combat with surgical precision as you engage armies of demons and humans alike.


400 years have passed since the vampire Kain damned the world in the original Blood Omen, choosing to rule the world in damnation rather than die for its salvation. Now Kain, who once controlled the land of Nosgoth with his vampire armies, finds his brethren slain and his dark powers stripped by a mysterious figure. To reclaim his rule and exact his vengeance, Kain must dispatch armies of zealot soldiers and overcome legions of demons in order to uncover the ominous plot that threatens the land he seeks to conquer.

Blood Omen 2, the second instalment in the Legacy of Kain Series, is a 3rd person 3D action/combat game in which you assume the role of the vampire Kain. A compelling story takes you through huge, lushly detailed 3D environments and challenges your skills in combat, puzzle solving, stealth and exploration. With each success, you’ll gain new dark gifts that will grant Kain the ability to access treacherous new areas to explore and the power to face stronger, more aggressive enemies. As you develop a stronger, more skilled vampire, you’ll be rewarded with dozens of dazzling in-game cinematic sequences that unfold the continuing epic of Nosgoth, and Kain’s attempts to ultimately rule over it.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), 2GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard.


All user reviews:

User reviews:

A fun game that is trapped in the bad stigma of being a black sheep to the series.

Posted on 2012-09-04 10:06:55 bySequiro's avatarSequiro:

At the peak of the Legacy of Kain series Eidos/Crystal Dynamics thought that it would be a great idea to try and make two Legacy of Kain game series, The Soul Reaver games that involved playing Raziel and the Blood Omen series that involved playing a young and brutal Kain. So while Soul Reaver 2 was being a made a separate team started and created Blood Omen 2, using an engineread more that was meant for a remake to the game Chakan: The Forever Man.
The ending result was a game that was a rather slap in the face of most Legacy of Kain fans. Legacy of Kain has always been about deep story and plot as it's main draw and you will not find that here. In fact Blood Omen not only has the weakest plot of the series but contains some major plotholes due to the team working on it not paying attention to established series lore. This has created much resentment of this game among most diehard fans of the series. The Soul Reaver team in their next game Defiance did their best to reconcile these plot holes and got most of them.. and now Blood Omen 2 is considered to be an alternate timeline created by the events of the Soul Reaver games time traveling and time changing events.
However not all is bad with Blood Omen 2. The game is actually one of the more fun games to PLAY in the series. A great combat system. You are Kain set loose upon the citizens and Sarafan and at your arsenal is a plethora of ways to maim and kill your foes. The game is quite long, linear but long. Only the original Blood Omen is longer. Blood Omen 2 will take you at least a good 20 hours to beat and as you progress the level design gets really good. Unlike Soul Reaver 2, there are actual Boss fights again as well and the game does a great job of introducing new skills slowly through out the entire game. Kain himself voiced by the amazing Simon Templeman is full of his own style of one liners that will make you chuckle and cheer but what is a great surprise is the city of Meridian very lively and the conversations many of the citizens, thugs and Sarafan will have while you creep around in the shadows is hilarious and outstanding. Graphically of course the game is showing it's age but at 1920x1080 resolution the game I still think look great. Go into this game expecting a fun but casual experience and I think you will enjoy this game quite a bit. Don't go into this game expecting jaw dropping story because you won't find it.

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Advocate for a vampire

Posted on 2012-09-04 07:20:09 byKainKlarden's avatarKainKlarden:

I'm going to be something of one as i expect a lot of dislikes on this worst part of Legacy of Kain series. That's right - I'm not going to argue about the fact, that it IS the worst game in the Legacy of Kain series. It definitely is, for a number of reasons. However, Legacy of Kain is a series you expect to be next to perfect. And as such, being worse in one of the best franchisesread more of video game history doesn't necesserily make the game bad. It just makes it "rather good".
Blood Omen 2 is an alternate reality becoming true reality. It's the events becoming real, because of the stuff that happens in Soul Reaver 2. Problem is - it pushes this concept quite hard and as such feels more like a complete spin-off "gaiden" game, then the part of the series.
Part of the reason for that is because it was developed by a seperate team within Crystal Dynamics, and the lead designer was completely different. Other part of the reason was the fact, that it was apparently first designed as a mostly stealth game and later reworked into something that prefers stealth, but has a lot of head-on action too.
With these reasons, game feels different, has a much worse storyline than the one you'd expect from Legacy of Kain and the gameplay feels a bit rushed and unrefined. This is one of the reasons a lot of people tend to dislike it. The other reason is the fact, that the game has a lot in common with a relatively obscure (but rather good, i might say) game Chakan, or more specifically, it's unproduced sequel. And also with some old mod for Quake 2. The reason behind it is the lead designer who was working on both the mod and the Chakan game. You can read more about this here:
But the thing is - even though it feels and plays different, even thought it might just have been a different game turned into Blood Omen 2 (not like the unrelated Shifter project wasn't turned into Soul Reaver in the first place)... Even with the fact, that there are storyline things which were never explained, even though they were planned to be in Defiance. Even with all that, it's still a rather good game.
Not the game you'd expect to have Legacy of Kain or Blood Omen in it's name. But not a bad game at all.

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Unexpected change

Posted on 2012-09-04 07:54:24 byCrisR82's avatarCrisR82:

Blood Omen 2 is where the series tries something new.
While the other Legacy of Kain games have been focusing more on complex puzzles, this one tunes it down and decides to go for more action.
The puzzles are simple, yet plentiful. Combat is not perfect but entertaining enough for you to want to master it. Instead of fighting with just your fists, you have the option to pickupread more your opponent's weapon and use it, although after enough use or blocking with it, expect to see the weapon shatter.
The graphics are a little higher than Soul Reaver 2 and the sounds and music haven't changed much either...yet both do a good job providing you an atmosphere for the game.
The story is a hit or miss, mostly depending on the player. The hardcore fans that expect a deep story like in the previous games with a lot of exposition and ties to the previous games might be disappointing since here this is also tuned down. The only ties are with Blood Omen 1, and many of the events in this game will never be mentioned or referred to again in the later game (Legacy of Kain Defiance).
Is it worth it however? Yes, while it has it's flaws, the game still offers a good experience worth wasting some hours on.

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