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  • genre Shooter / Action / Sci-fi
  • download size 315 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 310 user ratings.
  • release date September 24, 2002
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages English
  • developer / publisher Rage Software / Blue Moon Red Owl
  • game modes Single-player, Multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • 2 manuals (52 pages)
  • Incoming soundtrack

What's cool about it:

  • Action-packed gameplay both on land and in the air
  • Once you’re done defending the Earth from an alien invasion, play the sequel and save your alien homeworld from the Humans’ payback!
  • If your PC was too slow to play Incoming in the late '90s, now is your chance to try again!


Prepare for one of the most action packed-shooters in PC gaming history! Every level is full of enemies and targets for you to destroy! In the first game you will battle alien forces intent on wiping out the Human civilization. As a soldier you will use various vehicles and defend vital bases on Earth against the invaders' forces. In the second one you will become a soldier of the alien species and protect your home world from the forces of the Human armada.

Both games were famous for fast-paced action, hordes upon hordes of enemies and incredible, cool and satisfying gameplay – this pack is perfect both for hard core action shooter gamers and “Sunday school” casuals. Tons of fun included.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: TEEN with Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.Compatibility notice (Windows XP): Incoming + Incoming Forces requires version 266.58 or older drivers for Nvidia cards.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Pack well worth it's price

Posted on 2009-09-16 03:35:50 bydartreevan76's avatardartreevan76:

If you have enough of compllicated RPG's, simulators or strategies you have to try theese games. If you are arcade action fan buy it.
Story in Incoming is simple, aliens invade Earth and you have to defend it soldier! To do this you have plenty of tools avaiable; planes, helicopters, you can fly even in UFO and shoot to bombers from ground defence station! Many different locations,read more very good soundtrack to accompany you; when I played game maany years ago, I listened audiotracks from game's CD long time after that...
Incoming forces is sequel to released in 1998 Rage's Incoming game. Basically we have more of everything what was best in Incoming.
Story take place 20 years after first game and this time we assume role of aliens warding off humans. Gameplays remains in most part the same. You pilot bunch of ground and air vehicles and shoot enemy air and ground vehicles' jets, artillery & hover tanks and turrets. Different kinds of missions will be avaiable to perform; defeating groups of enemies, escorting friendlies, sometimes more rare objectives like destroying shield of ship without dostroing ship or defending base as AA turret.
So if arcade shooters is genre you like you won't be disappointed. It's only 3 bucks oer game!

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GOG.....I think i love you

Posted on 2009-09-10 12:16:55 bywwnd101's avatarwwnd101:

This game is amazing. I have two copies of it actually and i plan on buying this one as well.
I would recommend this game to anyone that loves fast paced action with many different types of vehicles. The game doesnt get stale because there is many different mission types from a turret defense, to vehicle recovery, to search and destroy missions.
Buy this.

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GR8 deal for arcade shooter fans.

Posted on 2009-09-18 10:44:56 byana_lucia's avatarana_lucia:

I recommend this games to any fans of arcade shooters/simulators; you will like thoose games as well. Classic human/alien conflict and you'll have chance to expore it from both sides. Defend your home as human in Incoming, defend your alien world against humans in Incoming Forces. Many different types of missions, tons of hardware to use, good graphic, good soundtrack. It's allread more every good shooter need.
It's now time to defend your home land(s)! To battlestations!

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