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  • genre strategy / turn-based / historical
  • download size 101 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 123 user ratings.
  • release date March 31, 1999
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages English
  • developer / publisher Frog City Software / Ubisoft
  • game modes single-player, multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • manual
  • technology tree
  • soundtrack (MP3)
  • soundtrack (FLAC)

What's cool about it:

  • An artificial intelligence that will challenge you as it takes into consideration nation-specific personalities, strategies, and diplomatic agendas.
  • Give in to your imperialistic instincts as you engage in trade, diplomatic maneuvering, war, and resource management, all with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
  • The richness and depth of Imperialism 2 is reflected in over 40 military and civilian units and more than 100 technological advances from 300 years of history.


The New World lies open before you, ripe for the taking. You must skillfully parlay discovery into riches and gather enough power to dominate Europe’s political landscape. Combining elements of resource management, economic trade, exploration, diplomatic wheeling-and-dealing, and military conquest, Imperialism 2: The Age of Exploration challenges you to leverage New World wealth into Old World dominance.

To achieve world domination, you would be wise to employ a web of intricate strategies and plans within plans. If diplomacy is the order of the day, dispatch envoys to nurture critical trade agreements and treaties while deploying spies to sabotage your enemies. If you grow tired of the intrigues and double-crossings that are part and parcel of the diplomatic way, build a mighty war machine with an unquenchable thirst for conquest. Skillfully maneuver your nation and don’t forget: the object is to unite all of Europe under one flag - YOURS!

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Animated Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9, Mouse, Keyboard.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

An overlooked series that equals or even surpasses Civilization

Posted on 2013-01-10 11:45:53 byfahbs's avatarfahbs:

While most hold up Civilization up as the best of turn based strategy, my heart always went out to the Imperialism games. Rather than fiddle with dozens of individual territories and army stacks moving one tile at a time, Imperialism focused everything on your capital (more territories just add resources to it) and giant territories to simplify army movement while keeping the funread more worker tile improvement aspect.
I would highly recommend buying both the original and sequel, as each one is moderately different and satisfying in its own area. For the sequel, they improved on a number of things. You no longer have to worry about internal transport capacity for resources or the silly rules of placing depots (it was absurd how depots couldn't be placed next to each other and you often got cut off from your own resources); just built a road and an improvement and you're good to go.
Diplomacy is also largely improved. Gone are AI players who declare permanent war and never accept peace until they're dead. The computer will cut its losses now in pointless conflicts. The new world aspect also provides a buffer against the computer gang piling on the weakest player (this was easy to exploit in the original, just make sure you weren't in last place and you were always safe). Invading other major powers might not even happen since victory goes to the first to reach a certain number of old world territories, minor nations included.
There are some snags though that the original handled better. The whole look and theme is depressingly bland compared to the first game.
Gone are the tongue in cheek newspaper headlines and any sense of humor (notices are barebones text).
Gone is your bustling and visually interesting capital city screen, replaced by boring bar sliders.
Gone is the feel of cutthroat capitalism. Trade is now a minor aspect and for the most part you must be self reliant.
Turtling with forts is kind of crazy. For a cheap price and zero upkeep, forts come with their own heavy artillery that instantly regenerates between each battle. Not only that, but the size limit on attacking armies is much reduced. It's a good thing you can conquer minor nations for a victory, because unless you're an entire tech generation ahead you'll never take well defended forts.
Gone is the industrial revolution. To me, starting in Napoleonic times and working up to WWI was more interesting than starting at the 16th century and working up to Napoleonic times.
Then there's workers. You must harvest resources found only in the new world (sugar, tobacco, fur (huh?)) in order to "feed" your advanced workers. Do yourself a big favor and choose the "simplified worker resources" option because otherwise certain workers will only accept certain resources: apprentices will only consume refined sugar, journeymen will only consume cigars, and masters will only accept fur hats as payment. If you get cut off during wars you'll run into silly situations where workers are "starving" if you don't have enough hats but plenty of cigars. No thanks.
In the end, definitely check out both games. The original scratches my itch for jolly jingoism and cutthroat stock market. The sequel is nice for the breathing room it allows with resource gathering and better diplomacy. Maybe some day Imperialism 3 will come along and merge the two into strategy perfection and rapture us to the promised land.

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Among the best "one more turn"-ers.

Posted on 2013-01-10 07:25:34 byTitanium's avatarTitanium:

Imperialism 2 has all the qualities to keep you glued to your mouse like the best of 'em. It has constant drive for improvement, strategic decisions, tight battles and good old luck involved. This time, the point of the game (notice the 2 in the title) isn't buying (or rather "securing") cheap resources from lowly minor states and then selling your finished goods back to them. Ohread more no, now we found a whole new world full of resources and weak warriors just begging to be colonised. Now, instead of an endless supply of iron, tin and copper, although these are useful too, you want to see an even endless-er supply of gold, silver and diamonds. You make steel for your soldiers, make hats and cigars for your fancy master workers, and lots and lots of wood for your ships. Towards the end of the game, nothing counts more than a mighty navy to take your glorious army towards your enemies. Because if you lack both, you might end up on the other end of the equation.

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One of the Best Turn-Based Games

Posted on 2013-01-10 18:24:48 byFaithful's avatarFaithful:

I have waited for some time for this to arrive on gog.
This is among the best turn-based games in the line of Civ games. In fact, to me it is better than early Civ games.
It requires thoughtful choices, and you will spend hours exploring, gathering resources, building, and fighting.
While the UI takes a bit of time to get use to, it works well, and fits the game.
It is too badread more I sold my strategy guide, and too bad gog does nto provide one. This is a fairly large game that will take time to learn, but in return you will have many hours of enjoyable game play.
This is a game that is worth owning, and playing.
Read the manual!! :o)

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