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  • genre adventure / fpp / sci-fi
  • download size 1.1 GB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 18 user ratings.
  • release date March 25, 2014
  • compatible with Windows (Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages Audio and text: English. Text only: Spanish.
  • developer / publisher White Paper Games / White Paper Games
  • game modes single-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • soundtrack (MP3)
  • soundtrack (FLAC)
  • 2 comics
  • 6 screenplays
  • 3 artworks
  • 11 concept arts
  • 2 wallpapers
  • 2 artworks
  • 2 sample tracks
  • 3 Deluxe Edition wallpapers

What's cool about it:

  • The Deluxe Edition includes: full soundtrack (mp3 and FLAC), comics, screenplays, concept arts, and wallpapers.
  • Open narrative exploration in the town of Pinwheel.
  • Accessible gameplay with additional controller support for players that aren’t as skilled with complex controls.
  • Challenging pen and paper puzzle design that you can decrypt at your own pace.


Ether One is a first person adventure that deals with the fragility of the human mind.

There are two paths in the world you can choose from. At it’s core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace.

There is also a deeper, more adventurous path in which you can complete complex puzzles to restore life changing events of the patients history in order to help the validation of their life.

The aim of the parallel paths was to make Ether One accessible to a range of skilled players. The hope was that people would be able to enjoy playing the game and solving puzzles with parents or friends, as well as immersed in the game on your own with the lights off. From a young age we enjoyed the first person puzzle games that required you to write cryptic notes on spare pieces of paper to unravel mysteries. Ether One aims to bring back pen and paper puzzle solving, whilst still being accessible and optional for people not wanting to get stuck and frustrated on the harder puzzles.

Minimum system requirements: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 , Processor: 2.2+ Ghz Dual Core, Memory: 4 GB RAM, Graphics: Shader Model 3-compatible video card, Hard Drive: 3 GB available space

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Could be better

Posted on 2014-06-23 11:34:14 byNeoky's avatarNeoky:

Ether One is first a very pretty stylized game. It plays like real Myst. You can beat the game without any puzzle solving by collecting all of the ribbons from each area. If you want to just listen to a narrative on the lines of Dear Ester then you can go straight to the end. There are some really tricky puzzles, but I've found myself becoming too frustrated trying to track downread more the items I needed to solve the puzzles. Some of the pieces of a puzzle can be in a different area in a slightly cracked open broken safe behind a coach. Other puzzles are just read a note with a safe combination and find the safe. There are some really good and organized walkthroughs out there to help find items required to solve the puzzles, but you'll end up spoiling how to actually solve the puzzles in the process. One of the features I really like about the puzzle solving is that there is a central hub you can quickly teleport to and back again that you can store any item you believe is important, and it will automatically place important notes on the wall downstairs of the hub. I haven't played this type of the game in a while, not since Uru, but overall I've been happy with the game.

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Good Game

Posted on 2014-07-04 14:22:49 byDarkwish's avatarDarkwish:

Good Game

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