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  • genre strategy / rpg / historical
  • download size 266 MB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 198 user ratings.
  • release date August 27, 2002
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • languages Audio and text: English. Text only: French, Italian, German.
  • developer / publisher Haemimont Games / Haemimont Games
  • game modes single-player, multi-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • manual (38 pages)
  • 2 HD wallpapers
  • 3 avatars
  • 6 artworks

What's cool about it:

  • A great mixture of two genres - adventure and real-time strategy
  • Beautifully stylized 2D graphics
  • An inspiring storyline set during the Gallic Wars


Julius Caesar wants to expand his already massive empire and he has his sights set on the lush countryside of Gaul. Celtic Kings: Rage of war brings you the excitement of the Roman conquests in two modes: strategic and adventure.

In strategic mode, you play as either the Romans or the Gauls in a world where tactical and strategic maneuveres are the key to victory. In adventure mode you take on the role of Larax and the battle the warring tribes who have raided your village and killed your wife.

Two exciting game modes, one action-packed conquest - let the best warrior win!

Multiplayer notice: The game's official multiplayer servers have been taken offline and the only multiplayer options available are LAN or Direct IP.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Violence. PEGI Rating: 12+ with Violence.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 8.1 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard. Patched to version 1.16

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Nice to meet this game again

Posted on 2009-06-06 23:22:30 byLucidro's avatarLucidro:

I played this game few years ago and i cant remember to much about adventure mod, but i remember that i played it a lot in single player and multiplayer mode and had a lots of fun. So, when i saw it on gog, i bought it again, like many other old games which i liked and played much (17 games until now from gog).
After i search through game menu and played tutorial again, i may sayread more i remembered few more things about it.
In this game, single player mode is skirmish mode where you can play against 1 to 7 AI. This mode concentrate more on RTS side of game with your heroes and units getting XP and lvls from fights or training. And you can find and wear different types of items too, which will improve you or your units.
When you start a single player game, you can setup a lot of things:
- map size (small, normal or huge), map type (small islands, large islands, continent, mountainous or mediterranean type), game type (elimination which i prefer more, score limit or time limit), world population (low, normal, high), game speed from low to fastest, starting gold and even season on map;
- you can disable/enable fog, caves, ruins, teutons tents, stonehenges, outposts and even wildlife;
- you can chose for every AI opponent a playing style like offensive (on easy, medium or hard) or defensive (on easy, medium or hard), you can chose a nation (gauls or romans) to play with for you and for AI and you can play against all AI or you can team-up with some of them.
Multiplayer mode is same with single player mode, only that you can play against your friends through local lan or gamespy.
I may advice you to begin with tutorial and use Pause/Break key on your keyboard to pause the game and read in-game help (F1 key). Here you can find everything explained (map, fog of war, resources, capturing, feeding, heroes, unit stats, special abilities, notes and objectives, units list, buildings list, items list, shortcut keys), everything explained with short descriptions for fast reading and enough to understand this game easier without boring you much.
Unlike many other RTS games, here you wont and cant build anything, but maps have lots of structures on them that you and your opponents can capture, destroy and repair many times during the course of the game.
Usually every side will start the game with 1 stronghold (town) and maybe a village near and other lots of neutral structures all over the map (like strongholds, villages, outposts, shipyards) that you and your opponents can capture.
There are 2 types of resources, food and gold. Food is produced in villages, gold is produce in strongholds. Food is used for population increase and for army support. Gold is used to upgrade structures, train and upgrade units, hire heroes, etc. The quantities of food or gold produced depend on the population of villages or strongholds, more villagers, bigger production.
The main advantage of a hero is ability to attach up to 50 units to him which will receive some of the hero’s experience like bonus to their own and you can arrange them in 3 formations, every formation with additional bonus when used with stand ground command. So my advice is to use more armies attached to heroes for a better survival, then armies with many units without a leading hero. And of course, don’t forget to get some mules with food with you to keep your army fed.
All units can have 1 attack type (slashing or piercing) and 2 types of defense, but usually all units (excepting heroes) have a better defense only against 1 attack type, while 2nd defense is lower or even 0 (zero).
As i said on beginning i played this game few years ago, so most of things i wrote here are from memories i recovered after i played tutorial again and from in-game help. And there are many other things i didn’t cover because i need to play and read game help more to remember all that things.
Like in any other game, you will need a little patience until you will learn how things are going and to get used with that older, but beautiful graphic and after this you will have lots of hours of fun with it, even if graphic is older (i tried many times when i played that tutorial to use mouse scroll to zoom camera in or out like in 3d games :) ).

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Good sprites, mediocre gameplay

Posted on 2009-06-03 04:02:38 byHooblaDan's avatarHooblaDan:

Note: I have played much of the adventure at this point and am writing this review off of my experience with that and the tutorial.
Graphics (3/5): What's there is good, but I'm left wanting more. I want moving details on these buildings - rather than seeing a static forge attached to the blacksmith, I imagine seeing a man come out and work it - little details like that make anyread more game a whole lot better, and the lack there-of in Celtic Kings disappoints because the rest is so promising. In addition, the terrain doesn't change much and, while that may be realistic (not sure), it's not very pleasing to the eye. That said, animations are beautiful and the game looks wonderful besides the lack of any animation to buildings.
Sound (2/5): I'm a student studying and learning sound design for films, and this game just plain disappoints in the sound department. Vocalizations are strange, awkward, and often become annoying. The music, while good for a while, becomes repetitive and stays repetitive (from what I've heard in the adventure there is one track of music for this entire game). Combat sounds serve their purpose, but are also extremely limited in variety.
Gameplay (2/5) : Units run out of food too quickly. Way too quickly. In addition, they move too slowly. Sure, you could turn game speed up. And then everything looks like it's fast-forwarded. Your old druid looks like a robot trying its darnedest to walk as fast as it can without running. For the animations to look good and function correctly, you basically have to play the game at default (very slow) speed. It becomes tedious (especially in a game that tends to encourage so much exploration but often leaves that exploration unrewarded for long minutes). Often, unit type and description don't seem to make much sense. For example, today I sent a mixed group of spearmen and axemen into a group of teuton raiders. Not a single axeman died, but they cut through the spearmen (which, even in the in-game description, are supposed to counter cavalry) like an obese child through chocolate cake. I was excited about the Druid unit, but for all its cool abilities, it's is also about as tough as I am - it crumples after a few hits from some horsemen, and I've yet to find a mass that can block a unit's beeline toward the weak old magic man. This makes investment in it and its abilities costly and risky, and overall too much of a trouble to bother with - there is no reason to use them unless they're contrived for the adventure objectives.
Summary: The 2d is beautiful, but will also leave you wishing that it were more-so. It's a tease that doesn't ultimately deliver. The sound is mediocre to bad. The gameplay can be summarized as tedious. It's a fun game to look at but not very great to play, and with its limited palates and unit variety, it probably won't last you very long.

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Got me into the RTS genre again

Posted on 2009-06-02 06:12:54 bySoeverein's avatarSoeverein:

Several years ago I mostly stopped paying attention to the RTS genre as my attention shifted to RPG games instead. So granted, I might not be able to compare to all of the latest RTS games, but I still know my basics of the genre.
First off, graphics. Personally I love them. IMO good sprites are still able to kick the behind of mediocre polygons anytime, anywhere. And good spritesread more this game has for sure. The art is among my favourites of all RTS games I played.
But what really matters is the gameplay. I have some mixed feelings overall. I played the tutorial and the first few levels of the adventure mode so far, so keep that in mind. It's possible that things change later on.
The basic gameplay is quite good IMO. I like the concept of the heroes and how they interact with the regular troops. I also think they did a very good job at mixing RPG and RTS elements into one playable game.
What I do think is a bit of a failure, is the actual battle tactics. As a player you have access to three different formations. No matter how much I try though, they don't seem to make any difference. In fact, my units don't even change where they stand when I change the formations. Did someone forgot to link these buttons so they actually work?
The AI seems to be ill in the same bed. Apparently it's never heard of tactics or formations either. Instead, most combats come down to the same technique, namely endless waves of enemies crashing onto your troops. Like the Russian armies in the 20th century, it seems the AI just throws as many troops as it can against you, without bothering to use them properly. This makes the combat get dull quite fast, at least for me.
Overall I'm still enjoying the game so far, or at least the adventure mode. But I have my doubts whether it can keep my attention until the end of the game.

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