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What's cool about it:

  • Last installment of the legendary series now in 3D with high quality music and top notch voiceovers.
  • The atmosphere of mystery and danger will accompany you throughout the whole adventure.
  • Engrossing storyline and well written dialogue will keep you hooked for hours.


After reluctantly battling dragons, Mayan gods, and becoming a Knight of a long lost Holy Order, unwitting hero George Stobbart settles down to a life of mundane 9-5 office work. Who would have thought that a mysterious and beautiful woman would enter his life; a woman whose sudden disappearance draws him into a desperate search for a nefarious artifact of great and terrible power?

Heralded as the greatest bastion of true adventure gaming, Broken Sword: The Angel of Death draws the player in to a dark world of conspiracy theories, daring adventures, and ancient societies. Excellent story with many references to the Bible greatly improve the already fantastic feeling of immersion and make the tale gripping and believable. So if you are an adventure genre fan this is a no-brainer.

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: TEEN with Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Mild Blood, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes. PEGI Rating: 12+ with Bad Language.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1.8 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 9, 2.6GB HDD, Mouse, Keyboard. Compatibility notice: Integrated Intel graphics cards are not supported.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

My God, is this BAD.

Posted on 2013-06-30 11:42:58 byMadlark's avatarMadlark:

I don't even know where to begin on this one. I really loved The Shadow of the Templars, wasn't quite happy with The Smoking Mirror, and actually enjoyed The Sleeling Dragon (apart from the really cheap ending). And I played them all in a row just recently, so this isn't nostalgia talking.
But this, in my opinion is the absolute low point of the franchise. Even though the controlsread more are quite primitive, the developers managed to mess them up. The inventory menu won't pop up when you need it, the scrolling is awkward, characters get stuck in objects etc. etc. - and I thought The Sleeping Dragon had bad controls. Yeah, and get this: there is no way to skip dialogue lines whatsoever. Perhaps it wouldn't bother me so much, but every time you try to use something in this game or ask a question to your companion your character babbles a 10-second long line of nonsense.
The worst thing are the puzzles though. While the original Broken Sword game managed to avoid the frustrating Sierra-style "use fish on banana to open the door" puzzles, this one embraced them in the fullest. Sometimes there is no logic involved at all - on some occasions the game won't allow you to do something until you leave the location, come back and do exactly the same thing again!
George's character is badly re-designed and doesn't look anything like himself. The voice-over is quite poorly done in some scenes. The ending is bland as hell. The humour is so bad it hurts.

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A solid entry in a superlative series

Posted on 2011-10-18 08:02:01 byhybridial's avatarhybridial:

A lot of people didn't care for the transition from David Gibbon's wonderful 2D art to standard polygonal 3D for the Broken Sword series and that is fair enough. But realistically it had to happen as 2D animation becomes extremely costly at higher resolutions. Taking that into account, lets focus on the game itself here.
The Angel of Death is probably the most serious and religionread more orientated story in a Broken Sword game yet, and it's overall approach is definitely less campy than 3. This is more played as a thriller but with the laconic sense of humour possessed by the series' long serving protagonists still mostly intact.
It also pared back some of the mechanics presented in 3, such as stealth and action functions. It's a lot more traditional and the lack of cheap instant deaths means that's a good thing really. The puzzles as they are are quite standard fare, challenging but not as taxing as some of the classic games of the genre. The story however is full of twists and turns and there is a lot of deception involved. This leads to a finale that is in some ways as inherently ridiculous as all the great finales the series has presented us, but in more earnest and dark way. Some might not like how the absurd is played straight in this game but it's always how I've preferred my absurdity, it means one can appreciate it more.
The game is certainly not perfect, there are some elements of the story that are a little underdeveloped, and the humour is definitely not as present and funny in previous entries. As such this feels like it could have simply changed the name of the characters and not been a Broken Sword game. Nevertheless, this is a very solid adventure game that offers a mostly interesting story with great characters and fun challenges. Definitely recommended.

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Mixed feelings

Posted on 2011-10-18 11:12:35 byunacomn's avatarunacomn:

After finishing Broken Sword 4, it left me with a strange sensation. On one hand, I liked the puzzles and the control a lot more. Moving away from the mobile phone-esque block puzzles that BS3 had was really appreciated, but for me the game sort of dropped the ball on the story.
It tried it's best to be like the first Broken Sword, it had the meeting between two strangers in unusualread more circumstances, it had the manuscript that needed to be deciphered, it had the fake villain, but it lacked the charm that the first one had. Well, it lacked Nico for most of it, so that may have been it.
There was also a very big lack of Paris, and a proper ending for that matter. Much like the third game, Broken Sword 4 had it's ups and downs. Hopefully, if they ever make another game, and if it's not a 2D hand drawn adventure, it will have the gameplay of BS4, but a story more in the lines of BS3.

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