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  • genre adventure / point-and-click / fantasy
  • download size 1.8 GB
    ~19 min
  • avg. user rating from 244 user ratings.
  • release date October 18, 1999
  • compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) and Mac OS X (10.6.8 or newer)
  • languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
  • developer / publisher Microids / Anuman Interactive
  • game modes single-player
  • Bonus content included for FREE with purchase:
  • manual (4 pages)
  • main theme

What's cool about it:

  • An immersive cinematic adventure with an unforgettable storyline
  • Beautiful scenery and visuals designed by Belgian comic artist Benoît Sokal
  • Many memorable characters and interesting puzzles


You are a journalist summoned by an aged explorer who has been "branded" with questionable credibility for over 50 years. The old explorer's tale tells of traveling to the mysterious Central American country, called Amerzone. His story claims that the large egg that he brought back was associated with native Indian tribal beliefs and rituals involving the proliferation of great white birds that fly continuously from the time that they are born and never land seems incredible. But curiosity and the opportunity for a good story will probably get the best of you...

Age requirements: ESRB Rating: EVERYONE with Use of Alcohol and Tobacco., PEGI Rating: 3+

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.
Minimum system requirements (Mac): OS X 10.6.8 or later. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz+ Memory: 1GB of RAM Graphics: 256 MB of video memory, Recommended two-button mouse, or Apple mouse with Secondary Button / Secondary Click enabled.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Weird, easy, short. Not bad, but clearly an early work.

Posted on 2010-05-08 16:40:48 byPrator's avatarPrator:

Okay, for this review, I'm going through a dialogue with gog user myster_web about our experiences as we played through the game together in real life.
Prator: So, I thought it was kind of short. It took us, what, five hours to finish all of it?
Web: We started it at 11:00 and finished it at 4:30. So, definitely yeah, short. I thought it was gonna be a lot a more complex.
Prator:read more Puzzle difficulty wasn't much, most of the time. The biggest trouble was spotting all the things you needed to pick up. This game has taught me a few things about looking down.
Web: It was kinda like Syberia in that all the puzzles were "find an object and a place to put it", only some of the puzzles were a little counter-intuitive. Could have had more variety, but it's not bad for a shorter game.
Web: One thing that bugged me was the way that you looked around. It may cause motion sickness if you're staring over someone's shoulder.
Prator: Or just if you've got a weak stomach.
Web:..... Are you trying to suggest something?
Prator: It's not a suggestion.
Web: Touche'. Let's continue.

Web: The plot feels kinda like a dream sequence; don't take it too seriously or it will make no sense. If you think of it more as a waking dream, it'll come across much easier.
Prator: Your character's actions are pretty damn inexplicable, but that might be because you're playing a mime.
Web: ...who can carry a huge egg in his pants.
Prator:...With telekinesis.
Web: And don't forget he tried to headbutt a rhinoceros-hippo. What was up with that, anyway?
Prator: On that note, this game has more than its share of memorable moments. Given it's length, there are a lot of bizarre or interesting things that you'll probably have fond memories of later.
Web: The visuals are absolutely gorgeous. It does feel like you're exploring a real world, and the sound changes depending on where you look. For the time period, it definitely feels real. I still really like the end sequence; not telling you what it is, but be prepared to have a "What the frell!?" moment. :)
Prator: My assessment is that it's a good game, but I wouldn't pay ten bucks for it. I recommend waiting for a sale. If you feel you MUST drown yourself in prettiness, I'd go for Syberia first.
Web: This game is more for fans of the creator. It's really cool to see where Syberia came from, and it explains those dang winding machines. Try splitting the cost with someone else.
Prator: Incidentally, you still owe me five bucks.
Web: It's coming! I'm getting there!

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For Adventure Fans Only. But Worth It, Sometimes.

Posted on 2010-05-03 17:05:11 byRomulus's avatarRomulus:

The kind of things to expect from Amerzone can be summed up by one puzzle in the game; you have some medals, and you use them with a furnace - out of which comes a fully formed key made of an entirely different metal.
Don't get me wrong, there is only perhaps one or two pixel hunts in the game, but I can only describe Amerzone as being some testing ground upon which Syberia wasread more eventually conceived. The characters are one dimensional, and without fail, snuff it as soon as meet you. I'm not kidding, its like you have some kind cursed persona which only allows a person to say a few short sentences before keeling over.
This game was disappointing perhaps, but the flavour of Benoit Sokal is strong throughout and deserves a play if you have an evening to kill, but its not going to be one you go back to and play again. Unless you want to do a speed run - which I'm guessing would take about twenty minutes if you know what you're doing.
The puzzles are pretty much standard and my notepad only had a few numbers written down - no visual aspects or remembering tunes. Just codes and finding objects to use with other objects. But hey, we've all been spoiled on Sokal's later work, so if you're a fan do give this one a play.

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Posted on 2010-04-23 14:30:16 bysarazan's avatarsarazan:

Very disappointed after playing both syberias. Short game with little character interaction. puzzles don't make a whole lot of sense, mainly pick up and see what works. Would have been a better buy at half the price.

Get syberia 1 and 2. Much better games.

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