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Add a "What would you pay?" or "Target price" option for each game on a user's wishlist

Added byTigzMordan's avatarTigzMordan

There are a number of games on GOG that I want, but won't buy for various reasons. It seems the most common reason is that the selling price has been set at more money than I am happy to pay.

I would therefore like to be able to type into my GOG wishlist the price I am willing to pay for each game. I foresee everybody benefiting from this addition:

I would benefit because I could see what I wanted to pay for each game at all times. When I game goes on sale, I would be able to directly compare the sale price to the price I wanted to pay, or see if the price has quietly been lowered over time. Other users could either do the same, or not.

Stakeholders in making the game profitable would benefit because they could see a summary of what people are willing to pay for their game, and would have more information when deciding what to sell their game for, and by how much (if at all) to drop their price for sales. My reasoning is that people who have gone through the trouble of adding the game to their wishlist and then going in and setting a target price do genuinely want that game, and a good proportion of them will buy the game if it drops below their target.

GOG would benefit directly because the site would be the first to allow this level of direct feedback from users all the way up to the publishers, providing a PR coup that could potentially drive more people to use's services, for minimal development time outlay.

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This is a great idea! I would even be willing to check a box that auto-buys a game for me when it's low enough in price.

Jun. 28, 2014