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Problem / question
Registering the GOG Downloader in common browsers
Additional info

To make sure the new Downloader is registered in your browser, please follow the steps below. If needed, the default installation folder for the Downloader is C:\Program Files (x86)\\ .

By default, the Downloader's installer creates the appropriate Windows Registry keys, which are then used by most browsers. Sometimes it may not be allowed to do so, for instance by anti-virus software.
To re-register these keys, you can download and run this .REG file.
Please note that this key will only work if the Downloader is installed into the default folder. If you installed it into a different folder, you should first edit the .REG file in Notepad, before launching it, to make sure that it points to the appropriate folder.

You may also have clicked "cancel" when your browser asked you which application to use. To make sure that the Downloader is set up properly in common browsers, please follow these instructions:

Firefox -> Preferences -> Applications
Find "gogdownloader" a click the "use other..." option
Find and open the Downloader.exe.

This option is not working in the current version of Chrome, but when this glitch is fixed, it should be found here:
chrome://chrome/settings/content, under "Handlers".
Using the .REG file mentioned above should help, though.

There is also a more manual workaround (you may need to enable displaying of hidden/system folders in order to access the folder below):
Navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\
. Open the Local State file in Notepad, find (Ctrl+F) the protocol_handler section. Change this line:
gogdownloader: true
gogdownloader: false.
Afterwards, restart Chdome, try to download a file through the Downloader, and make sure to choose the Downloader as the default application.

IE should keep asking users to choose the default program until they do so, and it shouldn't be possible to interrupt this process. If this does happen, you should use the .REG file mentioned above.

Safari does not allow users to pick protocol handlers manually, and instead uses information stored in the Windows Registry. If you get "file not found" errors in Safari when trying to use the Downloader, use the .REG file mentioned above, to make sure that the Downloader is registered properly.

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