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Problem / question
READ FIRST (MAC OS X): FAQ and solutions for known issues

Game "is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash."
a) Redownload the game using the newest version of the GOG Downloader:
To download, make sure the " Downloader mode" is switched to ON before clicking the "Game installer" button. After the download is complete, reinstall the game.
b) Use this workaround if using the Download didn't help:
- Go to Applications -> Terminal
- Type in:
xattr -d
but don't press Enter.
- Drag the application to the Terminal window, this should add the path.
- Press Enter.

Game "can't be opened because it was not downloaded from the Mac App Store" error message
a) System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> unlock to make changes -> select Mac App Store and identified developers.
b) Right-click (or cmd-click) the game -> Open -> confirm Open.

Right mouse button not working in-game
Your mouse's right button may be set to Primary Click by default. To change this, go to System Preferences -> Mouse.
This window's appearance will vary depending on your OS X version and mouse model, but you should set the mouse's right button to "Secondary Click" or "Secondary Button".

Access violation errors, or problems with saving / loading games.
Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Disk Utility -> Repair Disk Permissions

Apple cursor stays on top (does not disappear) after clicking the game's window
Disable all third-party user input applications, like Better Touch Tool and similar.

Broken save file in Boxer (DOS) games
In some circumstances file write errors can occur, making your newest save file corrupt. It is, however, possible to restore the previously made save file.To access your saved games, go to Applications -> Terminal
In Terminal, paste, or type in, the following line and press Enter (Return):
open ~/"Library/Application Support/Boxer/Gamebox States"
Find and open your game's folder. Right-click the Current.boxerstate file and select Show package contents
Open the C.harddisk folder and locate your save file.
The previous save file will have a .BAK extension. Rename the current one to something else, and rename the appropriate .BAK file to the save file's entire original name.
For instance, in SimCity 2000, if you wanted to restore the previous NEWCITY.SC2 file, you would have to rename that file to NEWCITY.OLD, and then rename NEWCITY.BAK to NEWCITY.OLD.

Boxer launches the wrong type of game (like multiplayer instead of single player) by default
a) Each time you launch the game, use alt-double-click,
Go to File -> Reset game data, then select the type of game you wish to play by default. This is a permanent solution, however saved games will also be removed after using this option.

Various issues in Boxer (DOS) games
Go to File -> Reset game data. This can fix many issues with DOS games running through Boxer, however saved games will also be removed.

Q: Where can I find my Boxer (DOS) game's save files?
To access your saved games, go to Applications -> Terminal
In Terminal, paste, or type in, the following line and press Enter (Return):
open ~/"Library/Application Support/Boxer/Gamebox States"
Find your game's folder. The package containing your save files is located inside.

Q: Where can I find the End-User License Agreement (EULA)?
To read the EULA, right-click (or cmd-click) the game's .APP file and click "Show package contents". The EULA can be found inside.

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