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We’re soon updating GOG GALAXY
to version 2.0

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll update GOG GALAXY 1.2 version to an up-to-date 2.0 variant. If you are currently still using GOG GALAXY 1.2 rest assured that your favorite elements are present in the new version.

Features like auto-updates, cloud saves, cross-play, and rollbacks are accompanied by additional ones that allow you to build your game library and friends list across many platforms. Those new features are optional, as we want you to enjoy using the GOG GALAXY app exactly the way you like it.

Here’s GOG GALAXY 2.0
All your games and friends in one place.

Your new GOG client
The new way to update and run your GOG games, while remaining fully optional.

Your games
Organize your games across platforms into one functional library.

Your friends
Check what your friends are doing across platforms and chat with them.

Your privacy
Designed to protect your privacy - no spying, no data sharing, all your data belongs to you.

We are legally obliged to inform GOG GALAXY users about important changes in our products/services, this is why you are receiving this e-mail.
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