Weekly Sale: fascinating indie games up to 90% off

Play titles that are full of imagination, creativity, and bring loads of fun! This Weekly Sale on GOG.COM is dedicated to great DRM-free indie games with discounts reaching even 90%! Check some of them below:
Crypt of the NecroDancer (-80%) is an award-winning hardcore roguelike rhythm game. Move to the music composed by Danny Baranowsky and navigate ever-changing dungeons.
Kim (-70%) is an open-world RPG set in colonial India. Play as Rudyard Kipling's ragamuffin hero, Kim, and roam hand-painted towns and procedurally generated countryside.
Treasure Adventure World (-90%) is an open-world adventure puzzle-platformer where you’ll solve tricky puzzles, battle formidable foes, and piece together clues to dig up secrets.
More cool indie games await your discovery! This Weekly Sale on GOG.COM will last until 19th October 2020, 1 PM UTC.